Light is a critical aspect to any performance, both live and in the studio. Lighting effects build emotion and OSRAM offers lighting options that designers and specifiers need to make their creative imaginations a reality.

Stage & Theatre

Studio, TV & Film​

Concert & Effect​

Club & DJ​

Video & Photography​

Architecture &

Please browse our product offerings below to learn more about how the OSRAM ENTERTAINMENT Lighting portfolio can help.

​The KREIOS family of fixtures are designed with superior light quality to service the Entertainment and Architectural markets.

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​HTI Short Arc Metal Halide lamps were designed
as intense light sources primarily for moving head fixtures in the Entertainment marketplace.

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- HTI® & SharXS® HTI®
- Lok-It!® / Power Series




HMI Discharge lamps provide consistent color that simulates daylight for use in the Studio, TV & Film industries.

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​SIRIUS HRI Discharge lamps are projection style lamps designed to provide brilliant light effects for compact moving head fixtures.

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​HSR and HSD Metal Halide Discharge lamps offer superior color rendering for the Entertainment and Architectural markets.​

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OSRAM offers a portfolio of high quality Medium Voltage Halogen and Incandescent products. This includes a broad portfolio of Stage & Studio lamps for the Entertainment industry.

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OSRAM provides High Voltage Halogen lamps between 130V and 240V for Entertainment lighting applications that require high voltage operation.

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Large PAR lamps are used in various applications from Entertainment and Event lighting to General Architectural lighting. Specialized FAA approved Aircraft lamps as well as Marine and Locomotive type lamps are also available.​

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​OSRAM STUDIOLINE Compact Fluorescent lamps are specially designed for the unique needs of the Studio lighting industry.

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​OSRAM Lampholders are designed for the high temperature operation of Specialty Halogen and
Metal Halide lamp types.

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