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​City of Lima
Lima, OH

Goal: Reduce overall energy consumption and maintenance costs, and increase performance with the implementation of powerful, yet sustainable lighting technologies offering simple, efficient installation
Products Installed: 403 D6 Area Lighting LED-R kits
Annual Savings: Annual energy savings = $14,853/year
Annual kWh savings = 247,543 kWh
Equivalent CO2 emissions averted per year = 438,151 lbs. of CO2

Across North America, cities and towns are taking steps to reduce power consumption and impact on the environment by investing in energy-saving technologies, and lighting is a key component to help achieve those goals. In 2010 the city of Lima, OH, began exploring new outdoor lighting systems to replace its existing 175W metal halide lamps. The city sought to upgrade its previously installed lighting technology with a system that would deliver cost and energy savings, as well as reduce maintenance costs while still sufficiently lighting its streets to ensure residents’ safety.

Lima City Engineers wanted to improve the efficiency of the town’s street and area lighting with LED technologies but wanted a simple installation process. They also wanted to work with vendors and distributors they could trust, to ensure quality and the necessary support after the installation. The group also sought a comprehensive warranty for the new lighting system. Because lighting typically accounts for 22 percent of a city’s total electrical consumption, municipalities benefit greatly from an energy-efficient lighting makeover.

To meet the needs of the city, OSRAM SYLVANIA introduced an LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Area Lighting; an LED street lighting systems are an alternative to metal halide lamps and other technologies more traditionally used in street and area lighting applications. The product was a perfect solution for the Lima, OH, installation and the city installed 403 D6 Post Top Area Lighting LED-R retrofit kits quickly and easily into the city’s existing Halophane fixture heads to create even, uniform light when compared to the formerly installed metal halide lamps. The solution allowed the city to achieve its energy-efficiency and maintenance goals through an advanced LED lighting solution from a trusted manufacturer, all with the security of OSRAM SYLVANIA’s warranty program. 


The LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Area Lighting is an excellent solution for city street lighting, college campuses, industrial parks, parking lots and many other outdoor lighting applications. The retrofit replaces less efficient technologies, such as Lima’s previously installed metal halide lamps, with an LED light source, improving the application by providing a better lit, more welcoming and secure atmosphere for people after dark. LED Retrofit Kit systems are designed for maximum long-term performance, low cost operation and ease of installation all without having to replace an entire fixture as the kit can be easily installed into a wide variety of outdoor fixtures.

The revolutionary system from OSRAM SYLVANIA operates using only 55 watts of power by leveraging the directional light distribution of 66 high brightness Golden DRAGON® LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. The Golden DRAGON LEDs deliver light only where needed, minimizing light trespass and disruption to an application’s surroundings and neighbors. The solutions also conveys the aesthetic appeal cities and towns strive for while providing an environmentally preferable solution that, in the case of Lima, Ohio, used 68 percent less energy than the city’s legacy lighting system with dramatic improvements in both light quality and distribution.


By installing 403 OSRAM SYLVANIA D6 LED-Retrofit Kits for street and area lighting, the city of Lima lowered its energy consumption from lighting by 68 percent and stands to save $14,853 in energy costs per year. Beyond energy savings, the city will also save $4,416 per year in reduced maintenance costs as compared to the original metal halide lighting system.


Working with OSRAM SYLVANIA, Lima, OH, changed its lighting technologies for street and area lighting from metal halide to LEDs. The new LED lighting system dramatically increased energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs significantly.