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​Cocke County Schools
Cocke County, TN

Goal: Update lighting technology to reduce energy costs while using government stimulus funds responsibly
Products Installed: 686 ESI Retrofit Kits contain Sylvania OCTRON 800 ECOLOGIC ® lamps and QUICKTRONIC® QHE T8 Instant Start Universal Voltage ballasts, supplied through Kendall Electric
2,576 OCTRON® 800 ECOLOGIC T8 lamps
686 QUICKTRONIC® QHE T8 Instant Start Universal Voltage ballasts
Annual Saving: Project scope = Two elementary schools and one high school, retrofitted with OCTRON 800 ECOLOGIC T8 lamps and QUICKTRONIC® QHE T8 Instant Start Universal Voltage ballasts
Annual energy cost savings = $15,151/year
Annual energy savings = 189,389 kWh
Equivalent CO2 emissions averted per year = 238,454 lbs.


As institutions of all kinds across the United States become more focused on environmental responsibility, many are taking steps to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprints with the help of stimulus funds from the government. Many public schools, like those in Cocke County, Tennessee, are dedicated to updating their lighting technologies to not only reduce the impact to the environment, but to reduce energy costs. When it came time for schools in Cocke County to upgrade, they looked to the lighting leaders at OSRAM SYLVANIA to help replace their old fluorescent lighting system consisting of T12 lamps with more modern, energy efficient T8 lamps.


The Cocke County facilities team, in an effort to be budget conscious as well as make sure the project was completed before school started, wanted to keep the existing light fixtures in the three schools that would be upgraded. Cocke County turned to OSRAM SYLVANIA, who recommended pre-assembled fluorescent retrofit kits from Energy Solutions International (ESI). The ESI kits contained SYLVANIA OCTRON 800 ECOLOGIC ® lamps and QUICKTRONIC® QHE T8 Instant Start Universal Voltage ballasts, saving the school district time and money by offering a one-stop-shop for retrofit materials.

The ESI kits replace the magnetic ballasts and T12 lamps previously installed in the schools. By replacing outdated fluorescent lamp technology with SYLVANIA’s OCTRON 800 ECOLOGIC T8 solutions, the school district was able to lower its energy costs, as the SYLVANIA System Solution® can reduce energy consumption by up to 22 percent. 


Since introducing the T8 lamp to the lighting market in 1981 with the OCTRON lamp family, OSRAM SYLVANIA has continually developed and improved these products, emphasizing high efficiency, long life and reducing and/or eliminating mercury and lead. All OCTRON ECOLOGIC T8 lamps and QUICKTRONIC electronic T8 ballast systems, some of the industry’s leading fluorescent lighting technology, boast features that reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.

To maximize the energy efficiency for this application, OSRAM SYLVANIA paired the OCTRON ECOLOGIC lamps with QUICKTRONIC QHE electronic T8 ballasts. This system offers high efficacy, high lumen output and offers 20 percent energy savings over the previously installed T12 and T8 systems.


By replacing the inefficient T12 lamp and magnetic ballast lighting systems with the ESI retrofit kits, the Cocke County School System will save $15,151 in energy costs per year and an additional $15,000 per year in maintenance costs by eliminating the need to replace entire fixtures. Furthermore, the long life of the SYLVANIA OCTRON lamps will mean that lamp replacements – and the associated labor costs – will be fewer and farther between.

“Being a public school district, we have a responsibility to our students to maintain our facilities and make sure they’re productive places to learn. We also have a responsibility to taxpayers to put their money to good use,” said Carroll Hoaglan, maintenance supervisor for Cocke County Schools. “Thanks to these lights from OSRAM SYLVANIA, we’re providing a well lit environment in our schools, and we’re drastically reducing our energy bills.”

Additionally, OCTRON 800 ECOLOGIC T8 lamps are designed to have a lesser environmental impact than other fluorescent lamps. Their long life means fewer lamp replacements, and SYLVANIA linear fluorescent lamps manufactured in the US are completely lead-free. T8 lamps can also help reduce associated carbon emissions from power plants. The three retrofitted Cocke County Schools were able to reduce their carbon footprint by the equivalent of 238,454 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually.  


Together, the Cocke County School System, OSRAM SYLVANIA and Energy Solutions International were able to effectively and affordably update the lighting technology in three schools, substantially reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. Additionally, the retrofit is helping the schools reduce carbon emissions, and is providing students and staff with improved light quality throughout the buildings.