Port of Seattle - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport​

Goal: Meet existing light levels while significantly reducing energy consumption
Solution (Phase 1): 1,519 OSRAM ReliaSys™ D6 and D15 LED Retrofit Kits
107 ProPoint® Medium Round Canopy Luminaires
The total project is expected to have 7,000 fixtures retrofitted/replaced over the next four years.
Anticipated Annual Savings (Phase 1): Energy savings - 1,461,539 kWh
Energy cost savings - $83,308
Maintenance savings - $140,712
CO2 emissions savings - 420,957 pounds of CO2

The situation.
Operated by the Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport is the 15th largest airport in the United States, having served over 34 million passengers in 2013. With both short and long-term parking available, the 4.5 million square foot Sea-Tac airport garage covers 13 acres, is eight floors high and has 11,800 parking spaces.

The airport saw an opportunity to reduce the high energy usage of the garage’s existing high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting and improve the lighting quality from the less appealing yellow light from the existing high pressure sodium (HPS) sources. “Upgrading our lighting to a more energy-efficient solution continues our efforts to be the greenest and most energy-efficient port in North America,” said Mary Todd, facilities electrical engineer, Port of Seattle. “We are proud to be a member of the Seattle Business ‘Washington Green 50 list,’ which recognizes companies and organizations in Washington state considered to be among the most environmentally aware.  Our goal is to provide our customers a secure, comfortable and convenient parking garage to help create a worry-free travel experience,” said Todd.  “At the same time, we are being responsible stewards of the community by saving money and reducing our environmental footprint.”

The solution.
The Port of Seattle anticipates updating 7,000 lighting fixtures over the next four years at the airport’s parking garage.  For the first phase, which included over 1,600 fixtures, the Port of Seattle chose the OSRAM ReliaSys™ 55W D6 and 140W D15 LED Retrofit Kits. Upgrading the existing fixtures that used 100 and 400W HID lamps with more energy-efficient LED lighting kits eliminated the need to replace and dispose of the entire fixture, minimizing waste. When retrofitting 150W HID fixtures wasn’t an option, 75 and 90W OSRAM ProPoint™ Medium Round Canopy luminaires were selected as replacements due to their long life and energy efficiency. The product’s resistance to shock and ambient conditions was also important since the parking garage experiences vibrations from moving vehicles and temperature fluctuations due to the weather. The vastly improved color rendering index (CRI) and bright white light of the LED solutions can also facilitate quick vehicle identification and increase pedestrian visibility, enhancing safety and feelings of comfort in the garage. The long life of the LED solutions also helps reduce maintenance costs for the organization.

The products.
The OSRAM ReliaSys D6 LED Retrofit Kit is an energy-efficient alternative to HID lamps up to 250W at pole heights up to 30 feet. The directional light distribution of high power LEDs allows the delivery of light only where needed, reducing wasted light and minimizing light trespass and sky glow. The D6 LED Retrofit Kit is an environmentally preferable lighting solution as it contains no mercury or lead. Reducing energy consumption up to 68 percent, the D6 kit also enhances light quality with better uniformity and color performance. Assembled in the USA, it has a 70,000 hour rated life (L70), providing significant maintenance cost savings by lasting 2 to 6 times longer than HID lamps.

The OSRAM ReliaSys D15 LED Retrofit Kit is a cost-effective, energy-saving alternative to HID lamps up to 400W (fixture dependent) at pole heights as tall as 35 feet. It can replace less efficient HID lamps in shoe box and other fixture types. It has an LED system with a life rating at 50,000 hours (L70) and luminaire efficacy up to 103 lumens per watt (LPW). The ReliaSys D15 LED Retrofit Kit is designed for 120-277 VAC universal voltage input, and includes 10kV transient protection, effectively suppressing most transient surges on the AC power line. Both the D6 and D15 versions of the ReliaSys LED Retrofit Kit come with a standard OSRAM 5-year luminaire warranty.

Made in the USA, the OSRAM ProPoint® Medium Round Canopy (MRC) luminaire provides exceptional quality illumination, stability, durability and cost savings. Offered in 60, 75 and 90W, the MRC fixture uses up to 61 percent less electricity than its HID counterparts – an important criterion for lights that are on 24/7 in a parking facility. Unlike conventional lighting, there is negligible light loss over the life of the MRC fixture, providing reliable, durable and maintenance-free illumination for more than 10 years. The fixture is available in two color temperatures (4500K and 6000K) with a high CRI, providing high-quality white light. It is also IP66 rated so a simple hose-down removes the dirt and grime that impede illumination and jeopardize pedestrian and vehicle safety. 

The bottom line.
OSRAM SYLVANIA was able to provide a lighting upgrade solution that was customized to Sea-Tac International Airport’s specific needs, allowing it to reuse existing fixtures, improve light quality and save on energy and maintenance costs. This will result in an anticipated annual energy savings of 1,461,539 kWh for the Port of Seattle during Phase 1 of the lighting upgrade, resulting in an energy cost savings of $83,308 and avoidance of 420,957 pounds of CO2 emissions from electricity plants. Replacing old technology with long-life luminaires and retrofit kits is also anticipated to save the major airport $140,712 in maintenance costs.