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SYLVANIA Creates a More Inviting and Safer Environment for M&T Bank ATM Customers

The Situation

The M&T Bank in Altoona, Pennsylvania wanted to increase light levels around their bank and ATM area to enhance customer safety. They needed a solution that would guarantee the constant illumination of their ATM machines according to specific requirements. They were also looking to install lamps that would improve the space’s color rendering index (CRI), increase lamp life and reduce required maintenance of the facility. A final obstacle of the re project was reducing energy usage to produce a necessary return on the investment, which would fund the upgrade.

M&T Bank is considered one of the country's most highly regarded regional banks. Founded over 140 years ago, their parent company M&T Corporation is one of the 20 largest bank holding companies in the United States. Customers have access to a sizable ATM network of more than 1,500 locations.

The Solution

The solution was to amplify the light levels around the ATM areas by installing two systems; the Energy Solutions International (ESI) 3-LAMP 4-foot VAPOR TIGHT fixtures with SYLVANIA FO32/800XP/ECO lamps and QHE3x32/T8/UNV-ISH electronic ballasts, and the Nu-Art ICETRON® Fluorescent fixtures with SYLVANIA ICETRON lamps and ballasts. The systems replaced an existing 100 and 175-watt metal halide system that was not meeting the bank’s needs.

“After installing the ICETRON system, the facility saw a significant reduction in their energy bill,” Bob Shostek, senior sales representative said. “The long-life, high light output products were an excellent fit for the bank since the facility’s
remote location made it difficult to monitor and maintain the .”

The ESI system saves over 46% in energy than the metal halide system (1647 watts vs. 886 watts) and includes SYLVANIA’s Quick 60 warranty, which provides for three years of a maintenance free system for the lamps and five for the ballasts. The T8 PLUS lamp/ballast system is one of the most efficient in the industry with a 95 LPW rating. Lamp life increased from 7,500 – 18,000 hours where this system was installed and CRI was a high 85.

The SYLVANIA ICETRON lamp and ballast system have a life of 100,000 hours, while the existing MH lamps were only 10,000 hours. The ICETRON system has both a five-year lamp and ballast warranty and a CRI of 82 for improved white light. SYLVANIA installed lamps and ballasts in ten areas around the bank. The foot candles improved from 10-100% depending on the fixture.

“We found the lamps and fixtures very easy to install and both products did an excellent job of adding light and directing it to the spaces that needed more illumination,” said Jere Skiles, vice president of the Facilities Service Group, the electrical contracting company that handled the installation.

The improvement in illumination as a result of the installation was so dramatic, M&T Bank plans to relight more than 60 additional ATM locations with SYLVANIA products.

“The safety of our customers is a top priority and in order to provide a secure environment, a bright, reliable design for our ATM facilities was essential,” M&T Bank property manager Carol Eichelberger said. “The products used were a perfect fit for the installation and we were able to create a spectacularly lit environment free of potential safety hazards like shadows or dark spots.”

Altoona, Pennsylvania


  • ESI 3 LAMP 4-foot VAPOR TIGHT Fixture
  • SYLVANIA FO32/800XP/ECO lamps
  • SYLVANIA QHE3x32/T8/UNV-ISH electronic ballasts
  • Nu-Art ICETRON
  • SYLVANIA ICE 100/841/2P/ECO lamps
  • SYLVANIA QT1x100/UNV-T2 ballasts