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OSRAM SYLVANIA Makes Lighting Easy at Staples


The Situation

As the world’s largest office product company, Staples continually seeks environmental excellence, incorporating innovative and sustainable technologies throughout their headquarters, retail stores and fulfillment centers. Staples recognized an opportunity to save money and conserve energy specifically in their retail store interiors and their headquarters parking area in Framingham, Mass. In doing so, Staples turned to SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS), a division of OSRAM SYLVANIA, to determine the best way to increase their lighting efficiency.


The Solution

SLS assessed Staples’ existing 400-watt metal halide fixtures and recommended an LED solution to refit 158 parking lot fixtures located throughout the Staples headquarters campus, providing brighter white light. Using roughly one-tenth the energy of the 400-watt metal halide lamps, the LED lighting systems proved to be a dramatically brighter and whiter light source. In addition to providing more powerful illumination, the directional quality of the OSRAM Golden DRAGON® Plus Oval LEDs provide illumination only where needed in the headquarters parking area, and eliminate unnecessary upward light and light trespass.

Upon a thorough analysis of the retail stores’ current lighting systems, SLS also recommended upgrading from first generation T8 fluorescent lamps to a high efficiency T8 fluorescent lamp and ballast system for nearly 700 retail locations across the country (690 to date).

All of Staples’ North American properties are under an SLS lighting maintenance program, which allows the two companies to monitor Staples’ lighting on a regular basis and develop customized innovations. Staples is currently experimenting with daylight light harvesting, a system in which artificial lighting dims when natural sunlight reaches its peak and fully illuminates as sunlight diminishes. SLS also installed SYLVANIA PowerSHED® ballasts in over 100 California Staples stores. These high-tech ballasts interface with smart grid technology and lower store light levels during periods of peak electricity demand, limiting the risk of rolling blackouts. In addition, Staples deployed SYLVANIA LED bulbs to illuminate loading docks at selected distribution centers.



SLS identified a 42-watt modular LED lighting system, featuring 28 OSRAM Golden DRAGON® Plus Oval LED packages, as the optimal solution for the headquarters campus. Four modular systems were installed in each fixture, for a combined total of 112 OSRAM Golden DRAGON® Plus Oval LED packages per lighting fixture.

In the retail stores, SLS retrofitted approximately 1,000 30-watt linear fluorescent lamps per location with 28-watt OCTRON® 800XP® SUPERSAVER® fluorescent lamps and QUICKTRONIC® high efficiency, instant start, T8 ballasts.

Loading docks at selected Staples distribution centers are illuminated with 16-watt SYLVANIA PAR 38 LED bulbs, directly replacing 60-watt halogen bulbs.


Green Effects

Overall, the retrofit projects save Staples a combined 10,193,770 kilowatt-hours each year, lessening the company’s carbon footprint by 15,647,437 pounds of CO2 emissions annually, the equivalent of removing 1,367 cars from the road.

The Bottom Line

The new lighting system greatly reduced the Staples’ stores energy consumption and limited their maintenance needs, while preserving an attractive aesthetic. The project resulted in more than a million dollars in annual energy savings.