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SYLVANIA ICETRON QUICKTRONIC System Makes Maintenance Effortless for the Philadelphia Phillies

The Citizens Bank Park score board can be seen for miles thanks to SYLVANIA lighting systems

The Situation

With the opening of the Philadelphia Phillies new ballpark, Citizens Bank Park, premier sign manufacturer Capital Manufacturing was contracted to build the signage to be placed around the large LED Video Board and Incandescent Matrix Scoreboard; one of the main features of the new ballpark. Atop of the scoreboard is a large "Phillies" sign, mounted 200 feet above the playing field. The sign is approximately 26 feet tall and 100 feet long. The Phillies sign, although large and prominently positioned, needed to illuminate the skies above Citizens Bank Park for people to see from miles around.

The Solution

Phillies SignSpecified metal halide lamps were chosen to light the Phillies sign originally, but because of the short lamp life and the difficulty of replacing the lamps at this height, Capital introduced the SYLVANIA ICETRON(r) QUICKTRONIC(r) system to the project team. SYLVANIA ICETRON is an electrodeless lamp with an 80 CRI that is powered by an energy efficient, electronic ballast. In addition to producing brilliant light, the ICETRON QUICKTRONIC system has an average rated life of 100,000 hours and comes with a five-year system warranty - two benefits that sold the Phillies project team on the ICETRON QUICKTRONIC system.

Two challenges arose during the project. One, the short time frame given to Capital Manufacturing to get the sign built and installed and two, determining the number of lamps required to light the sign. "To determine the number of lamps needed, we experimented with different lamp spacing and finally settled on the best design," said Dirk Hinterleiter commercial engineer for OSRAM SYLVANIA. "After all of those decisions were made we had three weeks to complete the signs. That type of time frame is tough but between the OSRAM SYLVANIA technology and the professionals at Capital Manufacturing, we got the job done." The Phillies sign that stands high above the new Citizens Bank Park contains 140, 150-watt SYLVANIA ICETRON QUICKTRONIC systems. The Phillies operate the sign almost 24 hours per day, and it can now be seen from miles around.


Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

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