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​City of Medford
Medford, MA

Goals: Reduce overall energy consumption and maintenance costs from street lighting, improve performance and preserve the city’s decorative street fixtures by implementing powerful, yet energy-efficient, lighting technologies.
Products Installed: 154 OSRAM ReliaSysTM D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kits
Annual Savings: Annual energy savings = 100,254 kWh/year
Projected annual energy cost savings = $11,329/year
Annual CO2 emissions equivalent avoided = 151,865 lbs/year


Founded in the seventeenth century a few miles north of Boston, the city of Medford, Massachusetts is the fourth oldest English settlement in America. Residents of Medford take great pride in the city’s rich and deep heritage, which includes being part of some of the most important events in United States history, such as the midnight ride taken by Paul Revere to warn that “the British are coming!”

As one of the major metropolitan areas of Greater Boston, with a population of over 50,000, the city began a commitment a decade ago to introduce more “green” initiatives. Ranging from solar panel and wind turbine projects to extensive recycling programs, Medford is continually working towards building a more energy-conscious and environmentally responsible community. As city officials worked on upgrading Medford’s metal halide street lighting system, they faced a dilemma as they did not want to part with the decorative acorn style light fixtures lining the city’s historic streets. Led by Superintendent of Wires Joe Hurley, Medford turned to OSRAM Americas and SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS) for a team of industry professionals to find a solution that would lower energy consumption and maintenance costs while maintaining the aesthetics cherished by the community.


In order to ensure the energy savings and aesthetic goals of the project were met, the SLS experts recommended that the city of Medford retrofit the existing 175-watt metal halide system components with a complete LED system and install 154 OSRAM ReliaSysTM D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kits directly into the city’s historic acorn style fixture heads. Using only 55-watts of energy, the innovative kit helped the city exceed its goals for the project by not only delivering reduced energy consumption without affecting the city’s treasured historic aesthetics, but also improving roadway safety with increased illumination over the lighting levels previously delivered by the metal halide lamps. Additionally, the city of Medford will see reduced maintenance costs over the life of the D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kits because the product has a rated life of 70,000 hours, roughly five to seven times that of the metal halide lamps they replaced.


The OSRAM ReliaSysTM D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kit is an excellent solution for many outdoor lighting applications. The UL-Classified retrofit kit replaces less efficient technologies, such as metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, with an LED light source, improving the application by providing a better-lit and more welcoming and secure atmosphere for people after dark. The D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kit is designed for maximum long-term performance, low cost operation and ease of installation all without having to replace an entire fixture, as the kit can be easily installed into a wide variety of outdoor fixtures.

The revolutionary system from OSRAM only uses 55-watts of power to deliver bright white light directly where needed, minimizing light trespass and disruption to an installation’s environment and neighbors. The D6 Retrofit Kit can convey the aesthetic appeal that universities, municipalities and similar institutions strive for, while providing substantial energy savings and significant improvements in light quality.


Retrofitting Medford’s street lighting with LED technology helped the city continue its dedication to community improvement through energy efficiency. In addition to providing safer, brighter streets, the OSRAM ReliaSys D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kits will help the city save roughly 100,254 kWh per year, cutting CO2 emissions by up to 151,865 lbs annually.


By installing 154 OSRAM D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kits for street and area lighting, the city of Medford stands to save over $11,329 in energy costs per year. Beyond energy savings, Medford is also looking forward to lower maintenance costs over the original metal halide lighting system due to the increased lamp life of the LED technology.

By working closely with OSRAM Americas, the city of Medford achieved its primary goals of improving energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs without compromising the historic light fixtures along the city’s streets. Additionally, the LED retrofit project helped Medford improve the safety of its residents by increasing roadway illumination.