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Goal: To create a dynamic advertising solution for car wash facilities that can help lead to increased revenue.
Products Installed: OSRAM KREIOS® G1 LED Image Projector


When Pat Secord, owner of Ideal Auto Images, realized the impact that lighting can have on advertising and the visual experience, he began to experiment with different lighting and fixture design sys¬tems in his car wash centers. Understanding advertising can go far beyond catchy slogans and airtime, Secord imagined a lighting display concept for car wash owners that could provide cost-effective, customizable and value-added advertising during the washing process when there is a captive audience.

After some trial and error, Secord’s efforts resulted in the Illuminator®, an in-tunnel advertising and product recognition system that projects an image onto a vehicle’s windshield, windows and hood when it is traveling through a car wash. After trying several projectors, many of which were too large or too expensive for the company’s needs, Secord turned to the lighting experts at OSRAM SYLVANIA for an energy-efficient, long-lasting and simple-to-use solution.


A leader in solid state lighting technologies, OSRAM SYLVANIA recommended Ideal Auto Images install the OSRAM KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector into the Illuminator fixture. The KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector features a high-powered LED light source and dedi¬cated optical system that delivers a crystal clear outline of the gobo with a homogenous distribution of light across the entire image. This made it the perfect lighting option for projecting messages, brand names and logos as part of Ideal Auto Images’ solution.

“We tried integrating other LED projector systems into our fixture assembly and the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector outperformed every one of them,” said Secord. “The projector’s compact design allows for easy installation, and the magnetic gobo holder makes image change-outs a breeze. The KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector is the heart of the Illuminator, helping make it a high-quality, cost-effective and attractive advertising solution for facility owners.”


Emitting over 800 lumens, the KREIOS® G1 LED Image Projector delivers bright, crisp and uniform images at distances ranging from 6 to 20 feet, rivaling those as intense from a 75-watt halogen lamp but in a smaller and more energy-efficient design that uses only 24-watts of electricity. This translates into energy savings and lower electricity bills.

Featuring a magnetic gobo holder and simple gobo design process, the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector makes creating and replacing gobos easy, which was perfect for the Illuminator. The KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector uses standard, E size gobos measuring 1.5 inch (37.5 mm) in diameter. Gobos can be customized to design specifics and are easily printed on transparencies. “With advertising, it is important to keep the message fresh,” said Secord. “Since it is so easy to change out the message with the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector, car wash owners can partner with various local businesses to advertise one promo¬tion one month and a different one the next. This can lead to either increased revenue or partnerships for the business owner.”

A recipient of a 2012 Red Dot Design Award in the lighting and light design category, the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector lasts up to 30,000 hours, which means less maintenance is required. Featuring a color temperature of 6000K, the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector is ideal for a wide range of spot lighting applications that require bright images and is perfect for retail, museum, airport, bar, signage and messaging applications. Compact and lightweight, the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector easily installs on floors, ceilings or walls, and the 120 degree tilt and 360 degree pan allows the projector to be mounted to virtually any orientation. Available in black or white, the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector utilizes standard 100V to 240V AC input power and emits very low heat, which allows it to operate without requiring any additional cooling, resulting in completely silent operation. An energy-efficient and environmentally preferable product, the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector emits no UV/IR emissions and is RoHS compliant.


Now sold as part of their patented system, the KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector has helped Ideal Auto Images create an innovative solution that enhances the car wash experience and creates opportunities for cost-effective and interactive advertising strategies that boost brand recognition and drive repeat sales. The KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an energy-efficient, long-life LED lighting solution for their application.