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​MetLife Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ

Goal: To control the stadium’s HID lighting from one simple platform for easy manipulation of the system from multiple locations while providing detailed energy reports to demonstrate a payback in less than four years
Estimated annual energy cost savings: $114,000 per year
Estimated annual kWh savings: 1,128,000 kWh
Equivalent CO₂ emissions averted each year: 1,384,165 lbs of carbon dioxide


MetLife Stadium, located in East Rutherford, NJ, is home to two National Football League teams.  In 2009, MetLife Stadium made a commitment to sustainable operation by signing an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to become an environmental steward and implement green initiatives to reduce energy use, water consumption and landfill waste production across all operations.  As a part of this agreement, MetLife Stadium submits annual progress reports to the EPA.

Reducing lighting energy consumption is a significant portion of this commitment.  Maintaining a 2.1 million square foot stadium,, MetLife’s facility managers were looking to gain greater control of its HID fixtures to avoid unnecessary lighting during off-hours. Facility managers required a system that would allow them to control light from multiple locations and stay within their budget constraints while paying for itself through energy savings in less than four years.  Advanced energy reporting was also necessary in order to demonstrate energy savings to the EPA and other stakeholders.


The ENCELIUM® Energy Management System (EMS) was chosen as the lighting control system that would meet MetLife’s needs because of the user-friendly nature of the ENCELIUM Polaris 3D™ software and the software’s unique energy-savings reporting features.  The ENCELIUM Polaris 3D software allows facility managers to easily set and manage time schedules for groups of fixtures from their desktop computers.  Time schedule exceptions can be set for holidays, weekends, or for specific events throughout the year and can be applied to all pertinent fixtures with a few clicks of a mouse.  The ENCELIUM Polaris 3D reporting module can graphically display real-time energy savings data in a variety of formats for any specified period of time. 

To further conserve energy, the experts at OSRAM SYLVANIA introduced an alternate fixture for egress lighting.  During  times where the stadium is not in event mode,, energy is redirected from the 250 and 400 watt HID fixtures in the public concourse areas and ramps to the alternate 50 and 100-watt OSRAM ProPoint® Industrial Linear LED Luminaires.  This reduces electricity consumption considerably while meeting the aesthetic demands of the stadium.  The ENCELIUM EMS has the ability to integrate with any type of lighting fixture or ballast, including LEDs and LED drivers, making these and all future lighting changes perfectly compatible with the ENCELIUM system.  


The ENCELIUM® Energy Management System (ENCELIUM EMS) comprises the ENCELIUM GreenBus II™ communication network and the ENCELIUM Polaris 3D™ software. 

ENCELIUM GreenBus II is a networked system designed specifically for controlling lighting to achieve maximum energy savings and optimum lighting comfort.  It enables cost-effective individual dimming control of all fixtures in a building by integrating peripheral devices, including luminaires, switches, and sensors, with front-end servers via dedicated ENCELIUM GreenBus II cabling, into a complete, programmable lighting solutions. 

ENCELIUM Polaris 3D is the central control software application used to commission, configure, and manage the ENCELIUM EMS system.  It enables configuration of every system parameter in a building for each individual user or space and establishes the baseline settings for the following system features: Daylight Harvesting, Occupancy Control, Smart Time Scheduling, Task Tuning, Personal Control and Load Shedding.  The integration and monitoring of these energy management strategies allows them to be adjusted accordingly and work in concert with one another for optimized lighting energy savings of up to 50-75 percent.

The OSRAM ProPoint Industrial Linear LED Luminaire improves indoor and outdoor lighting while using 45 percent less energy than traditional HID lighting.  It offers lower maintenance costs for a low cost of ownership and is an ideal solution for tunnels, roadways, parking garages and other demanding environments.  ProPoint cutting-edge thermal technology assures optimal light engine performance for extended service and rated life (50,000 hrs/L70).  These environmentally preferable LED luminaires deliver high quality light with a remote phosphor optical system, and are designed to improve nighttime visibility with a low profile, low glare and vibration-resistant design. 


MetLife Stadium is expected to reduce its lighting energy consumption by an approximate equivalent  of 1,384,165 lbs. of CO2 per year from power plant emissions and save 1,128,000 kWh annually. It is also estimated to save approximately $114,000 in energy costs and $11,164 in lighting maintenance costs per year.    

The ability for the ENCELIUM EMS to integrate with the HVAC building management system makes it possible to achieve additional energy savings while accommodating any upgrades or adjustments that MetLife Stadium may require in the future.  The technology and innovation from ENCELIUM and OSRAM SYLVANIA will continue to support MetLife Stadium’s commitment to operating one of the greenest stadiums in American professional sports.​