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​The Black Dog Tavern, Co.

Goal: Increasing energy savings while maintaining or improving the light quality on the merchandise in The Black Dog’s retail locations
Products Used: PAR 20 and PAR 38 LED retrofit lamps
OCTRON T8 lamps
PENTRON T5 lamps
Annual Saving: Project scope = Retrofit of six The Black Dog locations
Annual energy savings = 77,083 kWh
Annual energy cost savings = $11,083.43
Equivalent CO emissions averted per year = 97,349


The Black Dog Tavern, Co. was founded in 1971 with a commitment to community and quality and has been dedicated to selling only the best products and serving the finest food in its stores across the Northeast.  Inspired by maritime pursuits and a thirst for life from the beginning, the retailer and restaurant continues to carry on the traditions of the Douglas family heritage.  When The Black Dog wanted to upgrade the lighting in its retail stores, it looked to another company dedicated to quality - SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS).  SLS helped The Black Dog reduce its energy and its carbon footprint, starting with the retailer’s Oak Bluffs location.


With the primary goal of increasing energy savings, The Black Dog looked to the experts at SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS) to recommend an aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient solution for lighting in its stores. SLS has more than 40 years of experience in energy-management solutions for thousands of customers in North America.

For The Black Dog, SLS recommended long-life and environmentally preferable LED lighting solutions, which provide better color rendering on merchandise and cooler temperatures under the fixtures for the five stores to be retrofitted in the first phase of the project. The SYLVANIA ULTRA LED lamps were designed to be direct replacements for traditional lighting sources, including incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps, and the SLS team knew this product was the ideal solution to meet the needs of The Black Dog. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, these lamps also cut energy use by almost half and drastically reduced replacement material costs due to their long lamp life.

In addition to recommending an upgrade in lighting technology inside all of The Black Dog’s retail stores, for some locations, SLS also recommended LED retrofits for outdoor lights as well as high-efficiency fluorescent lamps for some stockrooms and the company’s 20,000 square foot warehouse.


The SYLVANIA ULTRA lamps utilize state-of-the art LED technology to provide energy efficient alternatives to traditional lighting technologies.  SYLVANIA Lighting Services began The Black Dog project with the installation at the retailer’s Oak Bluffs store, replacing 45-watt halogen PAR lamps and 65-watt halogen flood lamps with SYLVANIA ULTRA LED PAR20 and PAR38 lamps that only use 8-watts and 18-watts respectively. The new lamps provided more flattering illumination for the store’s merchandise, while dramatically reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. 

Designed to be a direct replacement for standard incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps, the ULTRA Series of LED-based lamps offer increased lumen output, dimming functionality, attractive family styling and the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor use. Mercury and lead free, ULTRA LEDs are an environmentally preferable alternative to existing light sources, and are suitable for commercial and residential applications.

After realizing the exceptional energy savings results of the initial LED retrofit, the Black Dog worked with SLS to install SYLVANIA OCTRON® fluorescent lamps in some of The Black Dog stockroom areas. SLS also installed SYLVANIA PENTRON® fluorescent lamps in the retail chain’s warehouse location.  SYLVANIA fluorescent lamps are designed to deliver enhanced performance in industrial applications, and are among the most efficient in the industry, providing up to 42 percent longer life, higher initial and maintained lumens and improved color rendering for excellent light quality, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.


It was after the outstanding results at the Oak Bluffs store that The Black Dog and SLS moved forward with retrofits in the company’s Newburyport, Chatham, Provincetown and Mashpee Common stores, and its warehouse in Wareham all located in Massachusetts. 

Across the five stores, The Black Dog saw an average savings in energy consumption of about 45 percent. Realizing its primary goal of reducing energy consumption, The Black Dog estimates the stores will reduce energy consumption from lighting by a combined 77,083 kWh, saving $11,083 per year in energy costs. The company also stands to reduce maintenance costs associated with its lighting technology as the new LED lamps last significantly longer than the halogen lamps they replaced.

In addition to lowered energy costs, The Black Dog was so pleased with the results from the first phase of the installation project, the company has decided to retrofit more than fifteen of its retail shops in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Maryland.


LED lamps reduce energy consumption, they have improved the light quality and reduced heat on the merchandise in five of The Black Dog stores.  The light output and quality has been improved for the employees who use the stockrooms and Wareham warehouse – all while drastically reducing maintenance and energy costs. In working with SYLVANIA Lighting Services, The Black Dog Tavern, Co. was able to make an impact on the future while staying true to its tradition of quality.