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California Pacific Medical Center

San Francisco, CA

California Pacific Medical CenterTHE SITUATION

SYLVANIA Lighting Services brightens up the  California Pacific Medical Center with retrofitted lighting systems, the CPMC saves on energy consumption while providing a more welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), a hospital located in the heart of San Francisco, identified the need for upgraded lighting systems throughout multiple sites within their main campus. CPMC wanted to reduce extraneous expenses through minimizing energy consumption, operating and maintenance costs, while raising the level of aesthetic appeal. As the state of California has strict regulations to ensure environmentally conscious measures are taken, the importance of recycling was also very high to CPMC when considering their lighting upgrade.


Through a rigorous approval process, CPMC chose SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS) over other lighting service companies because of the company’s ability to bundle services and solutions of sister companies, such as OSRAM SYLVANIA and Siemens, and its relationships with OSRAM SYLVANIA Commercial Engineers and OEMs. Other winning factors were the company’s exceptional product warranties and dedication to the advancement of lighting technology. In light of the present economy, the CPMC wanted to also ensure their choice of lighting manufacturer would be in business for the life of the products’ warranties.

SLS worked with CPMC to retrofit their main campus’s original lighting systems, which consisted of older T12 Magnetic Systems and 1st generation T8 lamp systems. These older products were replaced with the SYLVANIA 3rd generation energy efficient OCTRON T8 lamps, QHE and PSX low power ballasts. Additional energy savings were achieved with the installation of occupancy control devices where applicable.

CPMC was adamant about retrofitting its lighting to be consistent from building to building on the campus, however due to the age of the various medical buildings ranging from two years old to seventy, this posed a challenge. SLS was able to work with the existing wiring and select appropriate products that met both energy standards and aesthetic appeal for all applications. Additionally, CPMC was concerned with the color quality of the retrofitted light as the medical center housed surgical rooms, where color was critical. Their concern was also in part due to patients’ esteem, as CPMC wanted to guarantee they were looking their best, regardless of condition.

“The upgrade to our lighting system allowed us to not only save almost 40% on energy costs, but also freshen up our facility by making it brighter and more welcoming for our patients and staff alike,” said Kevin Blackenship, California Pacific Medical Center Enterprise Manager – Systems and Programs. “We choose to partner with SLS because of the company’s highly regarded product warranties, customer service and comprehensive knowledge of all factors and processes involved in implemented a new lighting system; they took care of us.”

Due to the inherent nature of the medical center, crews had to work swiftly during a 24-hour, round-the-clock operation with extremely strict policies on patient care and exposure. The whole retrofit of CPMC’s first campus took SLS only 90 days and due to the proficient execution of this project, three additional campuses are scheduled for lighting retrofits. Efficient implementation of the lighting upgrades was paramount to the success of this project.

Recycling played a huge factor in the CPMC project and SLS took responsibility for the removal and transportation of old lamps and materials to ensure that they were recycled and disposed of properly. SLS includes recycling in all service and maintenance contracts, resulting in the proper disposal of 6 percent of all lamps that are recycled in the U.S. annually.

“This project was a huge success greatly due to the superb communication between our group and CPMC,” said David Alpert, SLYVANIA Lighting Services. “Our relationship with the customer enabled us to fully understand their needs and concerns, which we addressed using our pool of resources including OSRAM SYLVANIA and Siemens.”

CPMC achieved their project goals through the upgrade and retrofit of one campus, with three more scheduled to be completed in Fall 2009. Thanks to the winning combination of quality, energy efficient SYLVANIA products, along with a substantial utility rebate CPMC was able to achieve a payback of less than 2 years (1.75 years). With the first phase of the project complete CPMC saves $ 247,200 annually on energy costs and with the completion of the second phase the medical center will be saving a total of $918,172 in annual energy costs.


Traditional T12 fluorescent and 1st generation T8 lamps were retrofitted with 3rd generation energy efficient OCTRON T8 lamps and QHE and PSX low power ballasts and where applicable, occupancy control devices.

​The Benefits and Highlights
  • ​Improved image

  • Higher quality illumination

  • Reduced light pollution

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Reduced CO2












​Completion of 1st phase:

  • Total Project Costs: $ 560,826

  • Annual Energy Savings: $ 247,200

  • Estimated San Francisco Energy Watch Rebate Program - $71,966

  • ROI: 44%

  • Simple Payback: 1.98 years

  • CO2 Reduced: 384,887 lbs reduced

Completion of 1st and 2nd phase:

  • Total Project cost: $ 2,059,369

  • Reduced Annual Energy Consumption by 39%

  • Reduction of energy costs: $918,172 saved annually

  • Estimated San Francisco Energy Watch Rebate Program - $259,299

  • ROI: 57.18 %

  • Simple Payback: 1.75 Years