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George Mason University
Fairfax, Virgina

George Mason RetrofitLocated in Northern Virginia, George Mason University is an institute of higher education with a total enrollment of over 30,000 students. With 152 buildings across its three campuses, George Mason University saw a window of opportunity to make significant reductions in energy consumption and maintenance costs, energy-efficient technologies. George Mason University initiated a number of campus-wide upgrades, in collaboration with Siemens Building Technologies, in an effort to reach these goals and lessen its environmental impact.

George Mason University’s campus lighting was one area that Siemens Building Technologies identified as an opportunity for considerable energy and maintenance savings, through the use of energy-efficient technology. With the assistance of SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS), a subsidiary of OSRAM SYLVANIA, George Mason University identified areas of its Fairfax and Prince William campuses that would best help the university achieve its greater maintenance goals of utilizing environmentally-friendly technology and reducing energy costs and maintenance expenditures. Beginning in November 2009, the SLS team guided George Mason University towards efficient solutions in seven installation areas and assisted with the creation of mock-ups to help the project achieve University approval. Indoor upgrades were made in a number of areas. Building interiors included Bull Run Building, Occoquan Building, The Patriot Center, The Freedom Center and Discovery Building; 32W T8 fixtures were retrofitted with 28W T8 lamps and high-efficiency ballasts. Additionally, SLS and George Mason University replaced existing HID fixtures with energy efficient T5 fluorescent fixtures. Occupancy sensors were integrated into all upgrades to create smarter lighting systems and provide the university with additional savings. Total, the indoor retrofits have provided George Mason University with 1,366,456 kWh per year in energy savings.

In outdoor areas, SLS retrofitted street and walkway HID fixtures with LED fixtures, in an effort to help George Mason University reduce maintenance costs. Besides providing energy and maintenance savings, the LED street light fixtures also improved the safety of the installation areas and enhanced the color rendering of the light. SLS retrofitted the parking lot lighting to LED as well. Mason Pond and Sandy Creek Parking Decks were outfitted with EPA branded 2-lamp weatherproof fixtures. These fixtures utilized SYLVANIA PENTRON T5 lamps and energy efficient ballasts.

Each of these project areas have yielded significant cost reductions for George Mason University. The indoor installations provide $133,913 in savings per year, and the outdoor street lighting and parking garage installations have resulted in savings of $53,213 per year. Furthermore, the University has estimated that the installations will yield maintenance cost reductions of $28,299 per year. All in all, George Mason University will see an estimated annual savings of $195,425 thanks to the lighting upgrades from SLS. The final phase of this installation is slated for completion in April 2010. Thus far, George Mason University has seen positive acceptance of the lighting upgrades, receiving wide-ranging accolades of the installations.