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Lighting Upgrades: Transform Your Manufacturing Facilities
May 1, 2014
Author: Michael Drew, Industrial Vertical Sales Manager, and Rick Leeds, Vertical Marketing Manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA
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Going green has set the bar high for manufacturing companies across North America. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIS), the U.S. industrial sector consumes approximately one-third of all U.S. delivered energy as a whole. Given the reality of rising energy prices and federal legislation and regulation, it’s no surprise the industrial sector is adopting advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption and lessen its impact on the planet.

Over the past decade, some companies have made considerable progress with initiatives, including tracking carbon footprints, establishing corporate waste reduction goals, and rolling out enterprise-wide attention and awareness programs, such as OSRAM SYLVANIA’s Global Care initiative. However, there is still more work to be done. Manufacturers have a number of lean transformations to consider for plant efficiency. Reconsidering a facility’s electrical lighting can play a critical role in improving all aspects of day-to-day operations.

Because manufacturing facilities are generally operating 24/7, upgrading the lighting system can help lower overhead maintenance and energy costs. Lighting technologies have improved dramatically over recent years. With advanced electronic ballasts and more efficient light sources, modern systems save 20-45 percent over those installed as recently as 10 years ago. Tailoring a smart lighting controls strategy to a plant’s operational needs can further reduce energy bills.

So, what steps should you take to upgrade your facility’s lighting? Check out our full article in Food Manufacturing to learn more on important lighting considerations for manufacturing executives looking to upgrade their facilities.