SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting
SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting

SYLVANIA offers a wide range of high performance automotive lighting products with style, performance and the safety of you and your family in mind.  Find the right one for your vehicle and your driving style.


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SilverStar® zXe

Looking to add the style and attitude of an HID headlight to your vehicle? Pick up a pair of SilverStar® zXe halogen headlights from SYLVANIA. SilverStar zXe is made to turn heads, with a crisp white light that transforms and completes the look of your vehicle. On the road or at the show, zXe is the first thing they’ll notice.


HID Attitude.  Xenon Fueled – 100% Street Legal.

SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe lights are made to compete with HID headlights in style and appearance. Our special mirror tip and cobalt blue coating gives these headlights a remarkable jewel-like shimmer for head-turning style. But it’s more than just attitude with these bulbs. You also get crisp illumination from a headlight that’s noticeably whiter than BASIC bulbs. (Check out our photo gallery.) On the road you’ll notice an immediate difference. SilverStar zXe headlights use a proprietary cobalt blue coating combined with xenon halogen gas technology to generate a color temperature that rivals HID. 100% street legal, they meet all DOT requirements. Click here to find a retailer near you. 

Key Features:

  • The style and attitude of HID lights
  • 100% street legal and DOT approved
  • The whitest SYLVANIA SilverStar halogen in our product line
  • Proprietary xenon halogen gas technology
  • Brilliant jewel-like appearance
  • The best choice for style and appearance enthusiasts.

Available Part Numbers:

  • 9003/HB2/H4, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, H7, H11
  • 9005XS, 9006XS, H1, H3, H13/9008
  • NEW in 2015: 880, 881, 893, 9145, H8 

​SilverStar® zXe Image Gallery: