ZEVO® Interior Strip Kit

Light is Creative
Put light where you want it with flexible, color-changing LED strips

Let your creativity shine without a huge time or money investment. The SYLVANIA ZEVO® Interior Strip Kit allows you to put more light where you want it.




Endless design options.

Transform your car's interior from bland to extraordinary with the SYLVANIA ZEVO® Interior Strip kit. Using true RGB mixing technology, ZEVO® gives you 16 colors and 5 modes. Creating the perfect ambient light has never been easier - its just a touch away with our wireless remote, easy to attach high bond LED strips and a 12V car adaptor. Our base kit gives you everything you need to get started. Want more? We offer two extension kits to get more light in more places


Features and Benefits:

  • Wireless Remote

  • 2 - 12" LED Self Adhesive Strips

  • 2 - 3" Cables

  • 1 - 2-way Splitter

  • 12V Car Adapter

  • Easy to install with no soldering or use of screws

  • 16 Colors

  • 16 Brightness Levels

  • 16 Speed Settings

  • 5 Modes (Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth, Solid)

  • 6" and 12" extension kits allow for easy expansion of the base kit for more coverage in your vehicle

  • 12" extension kit includes:

    • 2 - 12" LED self-adhesive extension strips

    • 2 - 5" Cables

    • 1 - 3-way Splitter

  • 6" extension kit includes:

    • 2 - 6" LED self-adhesive extension strips

    • 1 - 3" Cable

    • 1 - 5" Cable

    • 1 - 3-way Splitter


​ZEVO® Interior Strip Kit Image Gallery:


ZEVO® Warranty – SYLVANIA ZEVO® LED Lamps are backed by a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own your car.  We will replace the bulb with the same or suitable replacement if it fails to light.  The cost of installation is not covered by the warranty.  For registration, fill out this form!