Glass Components
Bulbs & Tubing

OSRAM SYLVANIA manufactures a wide range of glass bulbs and tubing utilized in the production of incandescent and fluorescent lamps.


​Soda Lime Glass Incandescent Lamp Bulbs
  • Soda lime glass bulbs are produced in a variety of sizes and shapes including:

    • A, G, PS, S and T shapes

    • Reflector

    • Automotive

    • Decorative

    • English and Metric standard sizes available

  • A high speed ribbon machine production process ensures stable dimensional tolerances

  • Both clear and frosted types available

​ ​ ​
Soda Lime Fluorescent Lamp Bulbs
  • Soda lime glass fluorescent bulbs are available in the following standard diameters:

    • T5

    • T8

    • T12

  • Custom lengths available​

Lead Free Lamp Stem Glass Tubing
  • A quality lead free composition designed specifically for lamp stem applications

  • Available in diameters of 2.0mm to 25.0mm

  • Exhaust tubing lengths from 50mm to 150mm​