ENCELIUM® Energy Management System
The ENCELIUM Energy Management System is a flexible and cost effective way to manage a
lighting space. It is the only lighting control system that can gather data from a range of lighting component
suppliers to tailor lighting usage with changing requirements - making any building fit for the future.
How it all works:

Data Collected

Any lighting component that works on industry-standardized control protocols (ex. 0-10V or DALI) can connect to an Encelium system to tailor lighting to align with building efficiency strategies.

Data Managed

Every Encelium system comes with an control unit or manager that receives and sends commands to the lighting network.

Data Stored

Data on an entire building all the way down to an individual fixture can be stored either on-site or remotely depending on the customer’s needs.  Additionally, data from the Encelium system can be shared with other building management software (ex. BacNet) for a comprehensive view of building operations.

Data Visualized

The core of the system, the innovative Polaris 3D software, provides unprecedented visualization and control of a lighting system.  The 3D visualization feature of the software offers real-life rendering of an installation to simplify lighting management.  Web-based dashboards and reports are available to monitor & adjust the effectiveness of energy management strategies.