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Light is Rewarding

The ENCELIUM® Energy Management System by OSRAM is a wired or wireless lighting control system that enables cost-effective lighting spaces while also enhancing the occupant experience.  It is one of the only lighting control systems that can gather data from a range of lighting component suppliers to tailor lighting usage with changing requirements.  The system facilitates the commissioning, energy usage and data analysis of the lighting installation and is accessible anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection.  

The ENCELIUM Energy Management System - Proud Winner of Numerous Industry Awards:
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Winner: ENCELIUM® Energy Management

Winner: Wireless Sensor


Winner: ENCELIUM® Wireless System​

Winner: Wireless Area Lighting Controller

Winner: ENCELIUM® Energy
Management System​

Winner: ENCELIUM® Wireless System

Winner: Wireless Sensor

Winner: Wireless Wallstation

Winner: Wireless Area Lighting Controller

Winner: Connected Lighting Module

Winner: Wireless Area Lighting Controller