OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® LED Programmable Driver with DEXAL Technology
An intra-luminaire, bi-directional interface

Create smart fixtures and simplify luminaire configuration requirements with DEXAL Technology. DEXAL is a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface that enables bi-directional communications between the OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® LED Programmable Driver and the fixture-integrated component. It provides exact luminaire-specific data, including diagnostics, to light management systems. Fixture manufacturers can design smart fixtures and streamline the configuration process by leveraging DEXAL as a standard bi-directional communications interface from within their luminaire. It is proven compatible with multiple manufacturers' light management systems.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Non-proprietary interface

  • Leverage a standard means of enabling power and bi-directional communications between driver and multiple
    fixture-integrated component manufacturers.

  • Streamline luminaire configuration and manufacturing process using one interface supported by multiple light
    management systems.

  • Support data-driven applications that require exact, not estimates, luminaire data including:

    • Power consumption

    • Driver case temperature

    • LED module and/or driver failure

    • Luminaire operating hours

Compatible with Industry-Leading Light Management Systems