Our Business

OSRAM is a global provider of lamps, luminaires and lighting solutions with a leading position in a wide range of market segments. Our product portfolio spans the entire lighting value chain, from light sources down to custom light management systems, both in general and in specialty lighting.

Our core values are shaped by over a century of company history, during which we have played a key role in driving forward lighting technology. In the past, we have developed new products and established applications - such as automotive lighting or projection - based for example on filament, halogen, or high-pressure discharge technologies. The global lighting market’s transition toward semiconductor-based products is continuing Trends in the Lighting Market. In the future, technology - and innovation-led applications will be based on semiconductor technologies.

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Our Brands

The OSRAM group mainly operates under its core brand OSRAM, one of the globally leading brands in the light industry. Specialty brands complement the competencies of the company in specific technology and application fields. The OSRAM group covers the key technologies of the light market as well as the central applications ranging from visible light for illumination to invisible light, e.g. for sensor technology.

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​Company Profile
​Our History

​For more than a century, outstanding people have built our reputation for exceptional performance, high-quality products and strong customer service.

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​OSRAM SYLVANIA's leadership in the industry results from our proud legacy, which extends back to the dawn of the twentieth century.

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