At OSRAM SYLVANIA, the strength of our success is based on the innovation and quality of our suppliers. Therefore, we strive to ensure that we have the right balance of cutting edge technology, at the most competitive costs, while also working to procure across all commodity segments, both domestically and globally, in tandem with our Global Procurement Division.

The Procurement Americas organization in particular is responsible for managing supply needs of all OSRAM SYLVANIA business operations, and in both North and South Americas, also manufacturing and service organizations. We are responsible for the complete horizon of sourcing requirements across such diverse commodity groups as raw materials, indirect materials and services, and finished products, to name a few.

This fast-paced, ever changing landscape of Lighting requires our suppliers be moving at "light speed" with us. Can your company meet the challenge?

Why Become an OSRAM SYLVANIA Supplier

The global brand equity of OSRAM and OSRAM SYLVANIA provides suppliers with the ability to reach beyond the Americas. Consider the opportunity to join us as a potential supplier partner today.



Here at OSRAM SYLVANIA, we buy it all - from soda ash to computers, and everything in between.

Innovation at OSRAM SYLVANIA

At OSRAM SYLVANIA, innovation drives our success. We work to establish strong collaboration with our Strategic Suppliers, as well as invite meaningful and effective ideas from new partners at all times.

Procurement Sustainability

OSRAM SYLVANIA is committed to corporate responsibility within Global Procurement. By promoting ethical standards throughout all business practices, we proudly contribute to the marketplace as a socially responsible company.

Core Requirements for Suppliers

OSRAM SYLVANIA maintains the highest level of compliance and sustainability internally and throughout our Supply Chain, therefore suppliers must adhere to a few basic compliance regulations at all times.