​LIGHTFAIR® International 2017

Pennsylvania Convention Center
May 9-11, 2017

OSRAM is a leading high-tech company in the fields of visible and invisible. With a history dating back more than 100 years, OSRAM is proud to offer a product portfolio of technologies and solutions at LIGHTFAIR International that are used in highly diverse applications including smart and connected lighting.

Booth 1401 will highlight the latest OSRAM innovations aimed toward reinventing light and creating a digital future. We encourage you to visit both our booth to experience how OSRAM brings comfort, safety and efficiency into your life and demonstrates that light is more than pure lighting.

OSRAM - ​Booth 1401

For LightFair 2017, OSRAM submitted four products to be entered to win an Innovation Award, being one of the most innovative lighting products created in the past year. These products included the Dot XLQ-8 RGBW, Nano Liner Allegro AC XB RGBW, OSRAM SIMPLUX Standalone Wireless Lighting Control System, and OSRAM OPTOTRONIC Programmable Emergency Driver; however these are just a few of the many innovative products that will be on display in our booth this year.​ ​ ​


​Nano Liner Allegro AC

SIMPLUX™ Standalone Wireless
Lighting Control System​ 

​OPTOTRONIC® Programmable
Emergency Driver

Dot XLQ-8 RGBW is a fully-
customizable dynamic LED node
solution for lighting and media
applications requiring high
efficacy and brightness, flexible
 installation and intelligent control.​

The Nano Liner Allegro AC XB RGBW
is a slim AC-powered, high brightness RGBW linear outdoor luminaire.


The OSRAM® SIMPLUX™ wireless
lighting control system is simple to
specify, install, setup and manage.


The OPTOTRONIC® Programmable 
Emergency Drivers consist of
programmable dual-mode drivers
that operate in both normal and
 emergency situations.

Additional Information:

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