Industrial fields cover a broad breadth of applications that require light and energy ranging through the Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared spectrums.

​Material Testing &
Solar Simulation

​Microscopy &

​Industrial Curing

​Purification & Sterilization

Process Heating & Drying​

Space Heating & Warming​

Blacklight &
Insect Traps​

Please browse our product offerings below to learn more about how the OSRAM INDUSTRIAL Product portfolio can support your application.


​The ITOS PHASER combines both laser and LED technology to provide a powerful fiber illumination source, comparable to a conventional 300W Xenon lamp.

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OSRAM offers a line of LED grow light fixtures specially designed to meet the needs of the Horticulture industry.

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​OSRAM offers Ultraviolet Discharge lamps, ranging from Blacklight UV-A lamps for applications as Material Testing and Insect Traps to Germicidal UV-C lamps for Purification and Sterilization.

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- Germicidal UVC
- Blacklight UVA

​OSRAM offers XBO Xenon Short Arc lamps that provide intense light output with very high color quality and color rendering. These lamps are ideal for inspection devices and are also used in Solar Simulation equipment.

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- XBO ≤ 450W
- XBO > 450W


​OSRAM HBO and HXP Mercury Short Arc Discharge Lamps (≤ 200W) are intense point sources that provide a broad spectrum through the visible and ultraviolet ranges and can be used for UV Inspection and Curing.

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​HMI Discharge lamps provide consistent color that simulates daylight. Standard HMI lamps that do not block ultraviolet radiation can be used in solar simulation.

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​OSRAM Spectral lamps provide the precision needed for spectral calibration.

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​OSRAM offers both Single End and Double End IR lamps that can be used for a broad range of applications, from Indoor and Outdoor Heating units to a variety of Industrial processes.

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OSRAM has an extensive line of high precision Low Voltage Halogen and Incandescent lamps primarily designed to meet the high demands of the Medical & Scientific markets as well as the Industrial & Aircraft markets.

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​OSRAM Electric Process Air Heaters and Heat Guns are used in a variety of Industrial applications such as Packaging, Drying, and Sealing.

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OSRAM Lampholders are designed for the high temperature operation of Specialty Halogen and Metal Halide lamp types.

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