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​Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Austin, TX

Goal: Create a “green” transportation infrastructure for electric vehicle consumers throughout the city
Products Installed: 33 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


As gas prices continue to rise, more individuals are seeing the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). This shift is prompting municipalities to install transportation infrastructures that lower energy costs and reduce carbon footprints.  

Considered one of the “greenest” cities in America by Popular Science, the City of Austin is no stranger to clean technology. In order to help consumers reduce their gasoline costs associated with their vehicles and maintain its green nature, the City of Austin wanted to install EV Charging Stations in key locations throughout the city. Tasked with a tight six-week deadline and firm project budget, the City of Austin turned to the experts at SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS) to install 33 EV Charging Stations in nine locations throughout the city.   

With more than 900 service technicians across North America, SLS is the industry leader in turnkey energy management programs for interior and exterior lighting systems as well as preventative maintenance programs. With over 40 years of experience, the OSRAM SYLVANIA subsidiary provides dedicated lighting design capabilities, the best delivery of services, access to energy-efficient lighting products and a computer-routed national service fleet. SLS can now provide environmentally conscious businesses and municipalities with a comprehensive, turnkey EV Charging Station installation project that meets their needs from start to finish.    

As the single point of contact for the project, SLS located the best sites and installed 33 EV Charging Stations throughout the city. Because of its expertise and installation capabilities, SLS was able to overcome some design challenges in Austin. At several locations, SLS installed new transformers, underground pull boxes, and new service poles and also installed stations on the top floor of a five-story garage. SLS will also handle the maintenance of the EV Charging Stations, therefore removing any hassle from city officials. 

Each strategically placed EV Charging Station allows both legacy and current electric vehicles to plug in as multi-level charging stations are equipped with the standard (SAE J1772) 220V connector and an 110V NEMA 5-20 receptacle that allows the city to charge vehicles that may not comply with some standard connectors. The innovative fleet management software utilized by SLS also helps Austin with fleet management as the software provides real-time EV location data and charging status information through web portals, text and email notifications. In addition, the networked stations provide access to metrics that help facilitate further installation planning as vehicle usage increases. Austin officials can also create greenhouse gas and petroleum savings usage reports. 

SYLVANIA Lighting Services provided the City of Austin with an all-inclusive EV Charging Station installation solution that provided a single point of contact and included a full client consultation, hardware and software application, materials installation and post-install support, helping to position Austin as a pioneer in our eco-conscious world.