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Sears Canada


To provide a high quality retail lighting solution using new LED technology to help Sears Canada reduce its carbon footprint

Products Installed:

Over 130,000 LED retrofit lamps

Annual Saving:

Annual energy savings (kWh) = 22,815,000 kWh per year
Annual energy savings (%) = 75%
Reduction of energy costs: $2,000,000 per year (@ 0.09 /kWh)
Annual CO2 emissions savings = 135,135,000 lbs/61,425,000 kg


The Situation

Sears Canada has made a firm commitment in the last several years to become a responsible corporation and set a strong example for its customers. They have been named the ENERGY STAR Retailer of the Year by Natural Resources Canada five times, including the last four years in a row. The company has also launched numerous initiatives to help Canadians choose more environmentally sustainable options. “Sears Canada constantly strives to be a leader in sustainability by minimizing its environmental impact across all areas of its business, while helping Canadians choose products that save them money, reduce their eco footprint and create healthier homes,” says Dr. James Gray-Donald, associate vice-president and sustainability leader, Sears Canada. “We prioritized replacement of our incandescent spotlights with LEDs because Sears needed a lighting solution that would save energy and provide superior colour quality and lumen performance in our 170 full-line and Sears Home stores across the country.”

The Solution

Even though OSRAM SYLVANIA was one of Sears Canada’s primary advisors, the retailer reviewed over 20 different LED suppliers. After two years of testing OSRAM SYLVANIA was ultimately successful thanks to three factors, explains Ed Evans, national account manager for solid state lighting. “It came down to our leading product performance, our technical know-how and our expertise with utility incentives to drive electricity conservation.”

With the help of SYLVANIA Lighting Services, over 130,000 lamps were replaced making this one of the largest retrofits of its kind globally. Approximately 120,000 of the original lamps were 60-watt halogen IR spotlights. They were replaced by SYLVANIA LED 15- watt PAR38 lamps. However, additional SYLVANIA LED PAR30s, PAR20s, and MR16s completed the multiple applications in the stores.

As a major retail department store Sears cannot focus solely on reducing energy, but must always keep in mind the effect any of their changes have on sales. The colour quality of light is one factor which can affect sales in a retail application. With a CRI of 89 and colour temperature options in 2700K and 3000K, SYLVANIA LEDs do not sacrifice and often improve colour quality. After the results came in from multiple LED tests, Sears was able to demonstrate to its approval committee that there was no negative impact on sales or returns with the installation of SYLVANIA LED.

Additional benefits of LED technology include no ultra-violet light, which can cause discoloration and fading of materials, thereby gaining extra protection for merchandise and, thanks to the long life of SYLVANIA LEDs–50,000 hours for the PAR38–Sears can expect a 94% reduction in maintenance costs over the life of the lamps.