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2020 K Street
Washington, DC

Goal: Provide simple and cost-effective zone control of lighting and with occupancy-sensing capabilities to save energy and money
Products Installed: Daintree Networks ControlScope™ wireless lighting control system, designed for Transwestern and implemented by SYLVANIA Lighting Services
Annual Saving: 986,100 kWh annually at $.158/kWh
$155,000 cost savings
Approximately $20,000 in maintenance cost savings
One year payback


Transwestern Real Estate is a provider of agency leasing, property and facilities management, tenant advisory, capital markets, development, research and sustainability. 2020 K Street is a 12-story multi-tenant office building with a three-story garage in Washington, DC, managed by LaSalle Investment Management with Transwestern onsite management and leasing. The property was typical of buildings over 20 years old with rudimentary lighting control. Transwestern was unable to track building usage and lacked the ability to turn lights on and off as needed because switches were absent from the space. Additionally, some building tenants were international law firms that had global operating hours, requiring some offices to be lit during the late night hours. Without an effective zone control capability, a tremendous amount of energy was wasted trying to accommodate clients with late night operations.

“When I drove by the building at night, it was lit up like a Christmas tree,” said Natasha Evstigneeva, senior vice president portfolio manager, Transwestern. “We needed a user-friendly and cost-effective lighting control solution to intelligently manage our different lighting needs across the building to reduce energy usage and costs.”


After looking at all available lighting control systems and technologies, SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS) selected Daintree’s ControlScope solution to deliver the most cost-effective, reliable way to control and gain insights into 2020 K’s tenants’ energy consumption with minimal disruption to the building’s operations. SLS, a channel partner of Daintree Networks, developed the options for Transwestern and provided all of the resources required to design, install, and commission the system. SLS is an industry leader in turnkey energy management solutions.

ControlScope provides a wireless control solution for smart buildings, allowing Transwestern to specify lighting profiles to meet each tenant’s lighting needs and to maximize energy savings from unoccupied spaces. ControlScope controls the lighting fixtures through a standards-based ZigBee mesh network, enabling each lighting zone to provide maximum flexibility to lighting control strategies. By using the trusted ZigBee standard rather than proprietary technology, Daintree ensures unmatched reliability and flexibility to design and re-design the system to address a dynamic environment.

“We see tremendous opportunity with networked control solutions that offer building owners control flexibility and real-world insight,” said Todd Smith, business development manager, Lighting Controls and Energy Management Systems, SYLVANIA Lighting Services. “We’ve invested extensively in the expertise to help our customers, like Transwestern, to quickly and efficiently deploy high ROI energy-saving solutions, including advanced lighting controls systems and complete building and energy management systems.”

Approximately 3,400 existing lighting fixtures in the offices and lobby area, with an additional 100 in the parking garage, were enabled to create a fully integrated, highly efficient network, giving Transwestern a holistic view of the building’s energy consumption.

“Every area of the building, including each tenant’s individual office space, the lobby and the parking garage, has its own unique lighting needs,” said Smith. “We audited the entire location, assessed those individual needs and designed the system to provide the proper energy-saving solution that supported all tenant requirements, with Transwestern now easily in control of it all.”

Transwestern chose Daintree Networks after evaluating market choices because ControlScope met the stringent criteria for reliability, central control, ease of installation and use, and cost-effectiveness. The flexibility of the system allows 2020 K to define and refine individual tenant requirements as they move in and out of the building. Transwestern can log on from a standard Web browser to create custom lighting profiles for each building tenant, monitor and report energy usage and savings in real time, and translate that energy information into action for maximum savings.


“From start to finish, SYLVANIA Lighting Services was there every step of the way to deliver exactly what we needed, a user-friendly wireless lighting control system with an open architecture that can meet our changing needs moving forward,” said Evstigneeva. “They are a trusted partner that assessed our specific needs and delivered a solution that will help us be more efficient and save money. I could not be happier with the Daintree system after looking at wired alternatives and proprietary systems.”

By adding intelligence to their infrastructure, 2020 K expects to save approximately $155,000 annually through energy savings and $20,000 in maintenance savings in a project that pays for itself in a little over one year. Not only are the savings obvious when driving by the building late at night, they will show up on the company financial statements year after year.​