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​55 Water St. Corporation
New York City, NY

Goal: Replace the exterior accent lighting on the ground level of 55 Water St. with an efficient solution that would minimize maintenance costs.
Products Used: OSRAM ProPointTM Industrial Linear LED Luminaires
Annual Saving: Project scope = 48 ProPoint Luminaires
Anticipated maintenance savings = $19,500/year


One of the most recognizable buildings in the lower Manhattan skyline – and the largest building in New York City by floor volume – 55 Water Street has been an important part of local business and culture since its completion in 1972.  The building serves as much more than an office building, regularly hosting high profile events and housing a Veteran’s Memorial on the premises.  New Water Street Corporation, the property management firm, has always placed a priority on the proper upkeep of 55 Water St., especially the exterior walls that millions of people walk by every year. 

Ringing the ground level exterior of 55 Water St. are seventeen-foot-tall stainless steel cold cathode architectural wall sconces custom-designed to fit the face of the building, providing ambient illumination along the walls.  While cold cathode lighting is a relatively efficient technology, it was costing roughly $20,000 per year on the maintenance costs. These costs were not only stemming from frequent outages and repairs, but also significant overtime charges since heavy foot traffic required maintenance in evenings.  Additionally, the building’s proximity to the waterfront meant the fixtures were exposed to year-round, corrosive salt spray in addition to the New York City’s inclement winter weather.  With ever increasing labor and parts expenses, New Water Street Corporation knew it was time to find a new solution.


Having worked in the past with the SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS) team of industry experts, New Water Street Corporation knew exactly who to consult to update the exterior lighting at 55 Water St.  Working with property management, the SLS team determined that an LED lighting system was the ideal solution to create the desired low maintenance, high efficacy, homogeneous illumination for the building’s wall sconces.  SLS’ capabilities were critical to a successful installation and set it apart from the competition. They had to come up with a creative solution to mount to existing custom made, vertical wall sconces, all the while reaching customer color rendition requirements and luminance.  SLS recommended the OSRAM ProPoint® Industrial Linear LED Luminaire, an innovative solution that solved the problems 55 Water St. had with the existing cold cathode technology.  Aside from the extended 50,000 hour life of the LED product, the ProPoint luminaires passed 2,000 hours of salt spray testing with no corrosion or damage.  Additionally, all of the components of the ProPoint luminaires are IP66 rated and power-wash safe – ideal for the 55 Water St. fixtures that are routinely cleaned in this manner.

SLS installed three OSRAM ProPoint® luminaires per each of the seventeen-foot fixtures, for a total of 48 LED luminaires that evenly illuminate the building façade.  In order to meet the exact aesthetic goals of the project, our engineering group configured the OSRAM ProPoint LED fixtures for 50% output, saving additional energy, increasing lamp life and delivering exactly what the customer envisioned.


The OSRAM ProPoint Industrial Linear LED Luminaire system improves indoor and outdoor lighting while using 45% less energy than traditional HID lighting.  It offers lower maintenance costs for a low total cost of ownership and is an ideal solution for new and existing tunnels, roadways, parking garages, demanding industrial environments or simply adding light to areas needing additional high quality lumens.

ProPoint cutting-edge thermal technology assures optimal light engine performance for extended service and rated life (50,000 Hrs/L70). These environmentally-preferable LED luminaires provide proprietary photometric design technique and high LED quality, and are designed to improve night time visibility with a low profile, low glare and vibration resistant design.  The high technology vent incorporated into the luminaire prevents condensation from fogging the lens in the same way that water vapor escapes from well designed outerwear.  The cooling effect from venting water is a welcome by-product to maintain peak LED performance.  This innovative luminaire is the first IP66 rated outdoor LED luminaire to use a remote phosphor system.  By adding phosphor directly to the high impact resistant lens, the temperature sensitive components of the luminaire run cooler than other white light LED solutions, which results in longer lamp life.


By working closely with New Water Street Corporation, OSRAM Americas was able to deliver on all of the project requirements regarding the architectural lighting of the 55 Water St. property, including preserving a positive building aesthetic and significantly reducing maintenance costs, with anticipated savings equaling $19,500 a year.