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​City of Bridgeport
Bridgeport, CT

Goal: Utilize energy efficient LED lighting to significantly lower the city’s energy usage for decorative lights while supporting the Mayor’s ‘BGreen 2020 Initiative’ to reduce the City’s carbon footprint
Products Installed: OSRAM SYLVANIA D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kit
Annual Savings: Total Energy Savings Per Year: $46,800
Average Maintenance, Labor and Materials Savings Per Year: $35,167
Energy Savings Per Year: 260,000 Kilowatt Hours (kWh)
Equivalent CO2 emissions averted per year: 209,019 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


Located on Long Island Sound, the City of Bridgeport is the most populous city in the state of Connecticut. Noted for its strong diversity and colorful history, Bridgeport offers an eclectic variety of arts, entertainment and dining and is quickly becoming one of Connecticut’s destination cities.

In an effort to improve sustainability in the City of Bridgeport, Mayor Bill Finch implemented the ‘BGreen 2020 Initiative’ to reduce the city’s energy costs and carbon footprint. The goal of BGreen is to modernize the city’s infrastructure, create wealth, intensify urban amenities, enhance environmental quality, enable revitalization without gentrification and retain Bridgeport’s historic character. BGreen is a public-private partnership between the City of Bridgeport and the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, a consortium of local business groups. The project includes a number of priorities, which include the creation of an Energy Improvement District to support energy efficiency and production, adopting a “Transit First” policy, developing a plan for open space use and maintenance, expanding recycling and protecting the region’s waterways through enhanced storm water management.


One area in which the City of Bridgeport identified an opportunity to conserve significant energy usage was with its decorative street lighting installed throughout the city. To identify an energy efficient lighting solution to replace over 500 of its aging and inefficient streetlamps, the City of Bridgeport turned to OSRAM Americas and SYLVANIA Lighting Services. SLS is an industry leader in energy management solutions. They worked closely with the City of Bridgeport to understand its desire to reduce the energy consumption of the street lighting, while maintaining the city’s historic charm and aesthetic appeal.


After assessing the city’s needs, it was determined that the OSRAM D6 Area Light LED Retrofit Kit would be the perfect solution for upgrading the City of Bridgeport’s street lighting. SLS replaced the existing 150-watt high-pressure sodium lamps with the D6 LED Retrofit Kit lamps, which use only 55-watts of energy and last two to six times longer. The directional light distribution of the D6’s high power LEDs allows the delivery of light only where needed, reducing wasted light and minimizing light trespass and upward emissions. The OSRAM D6 LED Retrofit Kit has a rated life of 50,000 hours and contains no mercury or lead, making it an environmentally friendly lighting solution beyond its incredible energy savings. Thanks to the innovative design of the D6, the new lamps fit easily into the existing street lighting fixtures, allowing the city to maintain its familiar look and feel while using just one third of the energy and improving the overall quality of the lighting.


The City of Bridgeport together with the OSRAM Americas replaced over 500 streetlamps on nine streets throughout the city with long-life, energy efficient LED lighting. Thanks to the lighting upgrade, the City of Bridgeport will save 260,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) each year, the equivalent of 209,019 pounds of carbon dioxide. This impressive energy savings will translate into $46,800 of annual energy cost savings for the city, not including the added savings of roughly $35,167 in reduced maintenance, labor and materials costs each year that the long-life LED systems provide. Overall, the retrofit significantly reduced the energy consumption for the city’s decorative streetlights is a notable step forward in the mayor’s BGreen 2020 Initiative to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.