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Masquers Theater
Soap Lake, WA

GOAL: Improve theater house and stage work lighting with dimmable, high intensity LEDs.
SOLUTION: 12 OSRAM KREIOS® FLx LED light fixtures


Masquers Theater, located in Soap Lake, Washington, a small town in Grant County known for its quirky, artistic style, is believed to be the county’s first community theater.  Built more than 40 years ago, Masquers is truly an integral part of the Soap Lake community, producing extraordinary live theater and giving back to the community by participating in philanthropic events such as local food drives.

Masquers’ current theater was built in 2004 completely debt-free with generous contributions of land, labor and funding. However, due to the build’s budget-conscious design, there was a noticeable gap of new and innovative technology.  This absence of technological advancements posed some challenges when it came to lighting quality throughout the theater.

 “We were using our performance spotlights as work lights,” said Don Long, Masquers Theater lighting master. “With every scene that passed by, I worried the performance spotlights would burn out in the middle, thanks to overuse.”


In search of uniform, high-quality lights using the lowest power possible, Masquers Theater entered the "Let KREIOS® Light Your Stage" Contest launched by OSRAM. The contest, which rewarded two theaters each with 12 OSRAM KREIOS FLx LED work light fixtures, was announced at LDI 2015, a leading global tradeshow and conference for entertainment lighting professionals. The OSRAM KREIOS FLx LED light fixture is designed for theaters and other venues, delivering a high luminous intensity equal to 500W tungsten fixtures but using only 90 watts. In addition, the fixture generates exceptional illumination of the stage during set construction and rehearsals, and provides superior rendering, ideal for applications that require a high quality of light.

After reviewing all of the entries, Masquers Theater was named one of the two winners.  The company was thrilled to leverage its 12 new LED KREIOS lights, improving both the theater’s lighting and electrical control.  Five OSRAM KREIOS FLx LED light fixtures were installed in the auditorium to improve its overall house lighting, and seven were installed above the stage.

“We used five of our new OSRAM lights to replace the original six dull, cylindrical fixtures, which held 300W incandescent bulbs, trapped heat and had shorter lifespans,” Long said. “We’re proud to say, with our new house lighting, we’ve been able to decrease energy output by roughly 75 percent.”

Strategic placement was key for the additional seven work lights on the Masquers stage to ensure existing overhead stage lighting was accentuated and not compromised.  Thanks to the installation of the new LED lights, the theater has an increased level of lighting control and is now able to achieve pristine lighting, allowing the performers and audience members to focus their attention on what matters most—the performance itself.


The entire team at Masquers Theater now benefits from the OSRAM LED lighting installations, which have improved working conditions overall.  In addition, the new LED lighting provides an improved color rendering index, showcasing the intricate details on backdrops.  The versatile fixtures also allow for gels to be used in productions, providing the added option of color and diffusion effects.

“As soon as we heard of our win, we couldn’t wait to get the new lights up and running before our next show opened, and with the ease of installation, we were able to complete it in-house in a timely fashion,” said Clifford Bresee, Masquers Theater board president. “The light they throw is incredible and I am very happy about the energy savings and the fact that they have an expected lifespan of 40,000 hours.”

“I’m thrilled with the new setup,” Long said.  “There was an immediate improvement with the new lights from OSRAM, and glowing reviews from our workers and audience members.”


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