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​Miranda Lambert Locked & Reloaded Tour
Knoxville, Tennessee

Goal: Help create a dynamic rock ‘n’ roll concert experience that excites audiences
Solution: 26 CHAUVET® Professional Legend™ 230SR Beams with 230-watt OSRAM SIRIUS HRI® lamps


Performing scores of No. 1 singles and chart-topping albums, Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley kicked off the Locked & Reloaded Tour on Jan. 17, with concerts scheduled throughout the United States. Lighting Designer Chris Lisle carefully conceived a design to suit Miranda’s rock ‘n’ roll style and to capture her talent, while incorporating CHAUVET® Professional fixtures. Bandit Lites, an international lighting company with headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., provided the CHAUVET® Professional gear.

“Miranda’s music can have a very rock ‘n’ roll feel as well,” Lisle said. “I wanted a design that can accentuate her music, while filling the space visually. We also use a lot of circular truss to make it look like a big rock ‘n’ roll concert.”


As part of the total lighting design, for dramatic and energizing looks, Lisle uses 26 CHAUVET® Professional Legend™ 230SR Beam moving yokes that steal the show with their big, punchy beams. “Twenty of these powerful fixtures shoot bright, powerful beams from behind the band, while six are on the floor, at the front of the stage,” Lisle said.

The Legend™ 230SR Beam features a 230-watt OSRAM SIRIUS HRI® lamp outputting an intense 96,000 lux at 15 meters, thanks to precision glass optics and a tiny 2.25-degree beam angle. Compact and agile, it also features a zooming 8-facet prism and 17 gobos (plus open) for beam shaping effects, along with automated focus. 

With the high-performance SIRIUS HRI® lamps, OSRAM has developed reflector lamps which play to their strength, especially in small and lightweight moving heads. They are characterized by high luminance, reduced weight and very compact dimensions. The lamps have an optimized burner for every operating position. Moreover, they show a very stable light output, as the high luminance decreases only slightly over the entire lifetime of more than 2,000 hours on average.

The special reflector design allows for an easy and fast lamp replacement, as the burner is already perfectly adjusted within the reflector. SIRIUS HRI® is available with 132W, 190W, 230W, 280W and 330W, and is supplied as a complete system including ECG. Combining reliability, efficiency and luminance, the lamps are designed to be used in various applications of entertainment lighting.

“We are very excited we got the chance to work with the Legend™ 230SR Beam fixtures,” Lisle said. “It has a great color, very nice gobos and beam effects, and has proved very durable on the tour.”


“We’re very happy with the CHAUVET® Professional products,” Lisle said. “Customer service has been fantastic and I look forward to using the products more.”


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