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​Northwestern State University

Goal: Reduce overall energy consumption and maintenance costs while increasing performance through the implementation of powerful and sustainable lighting technologies
Products Installed: 380 new LED fixtures using the D6 Area Lighting LED Retrofit Kits
6 Traxon Wall Washer XB-18 30 Degree Fixtures
6 Traxon Wall Washer XB-18 40 Degree Fixtures
Annual Savings: Annual energy savings = 298,771 kWh
Annual CO2 emissions savings equivalent = 351,202 lbs
Annual cost savings = $20,914



Northwestern State University of Louisiana, as with colleges and universities everywhere, student safety is a priority. When concerns were expressed about the quality and quantity of light on walkways and roadways around campus, Northwestern State began to explore its options to upgrade outdated high pressure sodium lamps, and replace them with a brighter yet cost effective alternative. The school also sought to increase energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.


With a primary goal of increasing campus security, Northwestern State turned to the experts at SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS) for a solution to brighten frequently traveled areas across campus, while meeting American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requirements for energy savings. An OSRAM Americas company, SLS has more than 40 years of experience in lighting and energy solutions, and has thousands of customers in North America.

In Northwestern State’s case, SLS recommended a solution and OSRAM Americas worked to develop a new product to meet the university’s specific needs. The stimulus funds the school received from the federal government were contingent on delivering specific foot candle readings, so OSRAM Americas develop an efficient 70-watt version of the OSRAM LED Outdoor Area Lighting Retrofit Kit – a product that before the Northwestern State project was only available in a 55 watt version.

The custom designed product was a perfect solution for Northwestern State, and the school installed 380 D6 LED Outdoor Area Lighting Retrofit Kits across the campus. The new lighting products dramatically increased light output over the 250-watt high pressure sodium lamps they replaced, while saving energy and money for the university, since the advanced LED lighting solution uses up to 68 percent less energy than the lamps they replaced.

Not only did the replacement lighting solutions create energy cost savings, they also contributed to maintenance cost savings. The OSRAM Outdoor Area Lighting Retrofit Kits have much longer life than the HID lamps they replaced, meaning they need to be changed less often and require less upkeep.

The university was so pleased with the retrofit project that Chuck and his team brought in Traxon Technologies, also owned by OSRAM, to highlight three symbolic columns at the entrance of the school. The columns are what remains of the university’s original building and serve as an unofficial symbol for Northwestern State University. Traxon’s Wall Washer XB-18 RGB & Dynamic WhiteTM fixtures feature high powered LEDs and allow the school to change the colors displayed on the columns for holidays or special university occasions.


The OSRAM LED Outdoor Area Lighting Retrofit Kit is suitable for college campuses, industrial parks, city street lighting, parking lots and many other outdoor lighting applications. The retrofit kit replaces less efficient technologies with an LED light source, improving the application space by providing a better lit, more welcoming and secure atmosphere for people after dark. LED Retrofit Kit systems are designed for maximum long-term performance, low cost operation, ease of installation with low maintenance support -- all without having to replace an entire fixture. The kit can be easily installed into a wide variety of outdoor fixtures.

This revolutionary system from OSRAM uses only 70 watts of power to deliver bright white light directly where needed, minimizing light trespass and distribution to an application’s environment and neighbors. They convey the aesthetic appeal universities and similar institutions strive for, while providing a solution that offers substantial energy savings and dramatic improvements in light quality.

Traxon Technologies’ compact-yet-powerful Wall Washer XB combines high-intensity LEDs and multiple customization options, to illuminate interior walls, exterior facades, and unique architectural details, with a rich, even wash or graze. Wall Washer XB is IP65-rated and ideal for sophisticated, concentrated bright light output in both interior and exterior environments, with a broad range of colors consisting of RGB, warm white, cold white, and dynamic white. An anodized aluminum finish acts as a natural heat dissipation system resulting in longevity of the fixture.


While not the primary focus of the project, Northwestern State was able to see significant “green” effects by retrofitting their street and area lighting system. The university was able to drastically reduce its carbon footprint by saving 298,771 kWh per year and over 351,202 lbs. of CO2.


The new, custom-created 70 watt LED lighting system reduced energy use by $20,914 annually. Northwestern State University will also realize additional maintenance savings over the long life of the LED lighting system due to less frequent lamp replacement. The impact of the new lighting system made a dramatic difference in the campus’ aesthetic and increased students’ feelings of safety and security.