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​Sun City Lincoln Hills LED Street Lighting Project
Placer County, California

Goal: Support Sun City Lincoln Hills’ commitment to creating a sustainable community by providing a low maintenance, color-consistent and energy efficient LED lighting retrofit for the area’s street lighting space while reducing glare and improving safety
Products Used: 2,015 55W D6 Area Lighting LED Retrofit Kits
Annual Saving: Annual energy savings (kWh) = 726,004 kWh
Annual energy cost savings = $87,846.00
Annual energy savings (%) = 62%
Annual CO2 emissions savings = 392,086


Sun City Lincoln Hills is an active adult retirement community located 30 miles northeast of Sacramento, California’s capital, in Placer County. Lincoln Hills set out for sales in 1999 and today spans over 2,992 acres of rolling hills, native wetlands, creeks, and open space. Approximately 11,000 residents currently occupy 6,703 single family homes and 80 condominiums. The community is dedicated to decreasing its carbon footprint and prides itself on adopting new ways of saving energy. For instance, the association recently implemented a very impressive recycling program and installed all new energy-efficient lighting throughout the facilities.

Knowing that the landscape at Sun City Lincoln Hills is significant to residents as well as breathtakingly beautiful for all, the association recognized an opportunity to keep in step with their sustainable way of life by upgrading the community’s street and area lighting system in such a way as to reduce glare and improve safety. The Community Association’s Properties committee researched several lighting options and determined that an LED project would have the most viable Return on Investment based on the community’s needs. The committee members and staff proposed funding recommendations to the Board of Directors. Throughout the community, a mix of 100W and 150W Metal Halide high intensity discharge (HID) lamps illuminated the streets, walkways, trails and parks across the over 200 acres of common area landscaping. Sun City Lincoln Hills wanted to improve sustainability as well as the aesthetics to provide a better lit more welcoming and secure atmosphere for residents and visitors after dark with minimal impact on the surrounding 500 acres of open space and preserved wetlands, riparian and oak-woodlands.


Sun City Lincoln Hills enlisted the expertise of SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS) to determine and deploy an innovative, efficient lighting solution that achieves benefits of safety and sustainability. After auditing the area for light levels, energy use, occupancy, light trespass and more, Sun City Lincoln Hills’ committees, staff and Board of Directors, along with SLS, established that the OSRAM D6 Area LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Area Lighting would be the most appropriate, allowing Sun City Lincoln Hills to retain their existing fixtures and reduce their lighting maintenance needs.

“We knew that Sun City Lincoln Hills wanted cutting edge technology with energy and environmental benefits,” said Mark Fisher, SYLVANIA Lighting Services executive account representative. “We quickly figured out that LED technology would meet all their needs to provide better illumination, use less energy and create an even more welcoming atmosphere for the residents after dark.”

SLS installed the OSRAM D6 Area LED Retrofit Kit—a LED lighting system that is a more efficient alternative to conventional light sources, like HID lamps, traditionally used in street and area lighting applications—in 2,015 community fixtures. The walkways, streets, trails and other lit outdoor areas are now illuminated in color-consistent, bright white light that is evenly distributed to the ground. LED lighting has a directional nature, therefore it limits light trespass thus reducing light spill into the sky above the fixtures or into neighboring homes, as was the case with the previous lamps. The LED retrofit kits limit glare issues and removed the need for shields.

“We wanted a brighter, cleaner, less intrusive light for our community’s streets,” said Jeannine Balcombe, Senior Director of Lifestyle & Communications for the Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association.  “SLS installed these LED retrofit kits and they absolutely meet our needs functionally and uphold our standards for environmental excellence.”


The OSRAM D6 LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Area replaces less efficient technologies with a more efficient light source, improving the application by providing a better illuminated space for more appealing and safe night time surroundings. LED Retrofit Kit systems are designed for maximum long-term performance, low cost operation and ease of installation all without having to replace an entire fixture; the kit can be easily installed into a wide variety of outdoor fixtures.

The revolutionary system from OSRAM uses only 55 watts of power to deliver bright white light only where needed, minimizing light trespass and disruption to an application’s environment and neighbors. They convey the aesthetic appeal universities, municipalities and similar institutions strive for, while providing an environmentally preferable solution that offers substantial energy savings and dramatic improvements in light quality.


Sustainability is not just a choice for the Sun City Lincoln Hills community, it is a lifestyle. By retrofitting their outdoor lighting, the association expects to drastically reduce its energy consumption by 62%. The LED installation is saving the Community 726,004 kWh/year or the equivalent of power plant emissions of 392,086 lbs. of CO2. The associated pollution savings from this project are comparable to the emissions from the use of 20,211 gallons of gas. The installation of outdoor OSRAM LED lighting solutions by SLS has helped the community become even more sustainable in practice and build towards future environmental energy goals of Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association.


Retrofitting Sun City Lincoln Hills’ existing lighting system with the OSRAM D6 LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Area Lighting improved energy efficiency and reduced the glare associated with keeping the community illuminated. The new LED technology also increased brightness and safety, while eliminating light trespass into residents’ homes and into the sky above. The Sun City Lincoln Hills association did not have to invest in new fixtures to achieve the desired color-consistency, energy-efficiency and high light levels.

The lamps are already helping the community reduce energy consumption from lighting by 62% percent, and because the OSRAM LED solution has a rated lamp life of 50,000 hours, – roughly double that of HID lamps – Sun City Lincoln Hills will see reduced maintenance and replacement costs over the life of the LEDs as well.