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Town of Durham
Durham, NH

Goal: Reduce overall energy consumption and maintenance costs, and increase performance with the implementation of powerful, yet sustainable lighting technologies offering simple, efficient installation.
Products Installed: 234 D6 Area Lighting LED Retrofit Kits
Annual Saving: Project scope = 234 D6 kits installed around the Town for street lighting
Annual energy cost savings = $19,433/year
Annual maintenance savings = $21,260/year
Equivalent CO2 emissions averted per year = 117,835 lbs.


Located about 50 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, the Town of Durham, New Hampshire is a community that takes pride in its history and the natural beauty of its seacoast waterfront landscape.  Founded in 1732, Durham is home to the University of New Hampshire and has retained strong ties to its past while still being dedicated to investing in its future.  In the fall of 2011, the Town embarked on one such investment project when its Department of Public Works was interested in updating Durham’s street lighting technology.  The Town was looking not only to save money on maintenance and energy costs, but also increase roadway safety by making roads brighter and reducing road glare.


After doing extensive research and testing of LED lighting technologies and options, the Department of Public Works, led by Director Michael Lynch, decided to work with OSRAM Americas to retrofit streetlights throughout the Town. Durham had several goals in mind: to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs;  to increase light on roadways, making them safer for travel; and to improve color rendering, enhancing the appearance of streets and sidewalks.

To meet these goals, Lynch and his team decided on the OSRAM LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Area Lighting; an LED street lighting system that is an alternative to metal halide lamps used in street and area lighting applications. The product was the perfect solution to replace the existing 175W metal halide lamps for Durham.  After, enlisting the expertise of SYLVANIA Lighting Services (SLS), the Town installed 234 of the OSRAM D6 LED Retrofit Kits into the city’s existing ornamental and shoebox style fixture heads. SLS has more than 40 years of experience in energy-management solutions and recommending and installing lighting solutions for thousands of customers in North America.  By installing the LED Retrofit Kits, SLS helped the Town to improve visibility on the road by reducing glare, while lowering energy and maintenance costs.

“The new lamps fit like a glove,” said Lynch. “I’ve looked into LED technology extensively, and I couldn’t be happier that the folks at OSRAM Americas and SLS have been able to help us install such a great, high-tech solution that seamlessly replaced our outdated lamps.”


The OSRAM LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Area Lighting is an excellent solution for many outdoor lighting applications. The retrofit replaces less efficient technologies, such as metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, with an LED light source, improving the application by providing a better-lit, more welcoming and secure atmosphere for people after dark. LED Retrofit Kit systems are designed for maximum long-term performance, low cost operation and ease of installation all without having to replace an entire fixture, as the kit can be easily installed into a wide variety of outdoor fixtures.

The revolutionary system from OSRAM uses only 55 watts of power to deliver bright white light directly where needed, minimizing light trespass and disruption to an application’s environment and neighbors. They convey the aesthetic appeal universities, municipalities and similar institutions strive for, while providing substantial energy savings and dramatic improvements in light quality.


Part of investing in the future of Durham is the Town’s dedication to protecting the environment. The OSRAM D6 LED-Retrofit Kits will cut CO2 emissions by up to 117,835 lbs., reducing the Town’s carbon footprint.


By installing 234 OSRAM D6 LED Retrofit Kits for street and area lighting, the Town of Durham stands to save $19,433 in energy costs per year. Beyond energy savings, the Town estimates it will also save $21,260 per year in maintenance costs as compared to the original metal halide lighting system due to the increased lamp life of the LED technology.

The Town of Durham is taking steps to improve the safety of its residents, as well as reduce energy use and cut maintenance costs. Roadways are visibly brighter, and the Town is saving thousands of dollars a year.