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Every Consumer’s Guide to LED Lighting in the Home
Discover LED lighting and evoke a different mood for every room.
Author: Pamela Price, retail marketing manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA
December 19, 2014
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A lot can happen in 22 years. Graduations. Marriages. Birthdays. Countless memories in between. So why not buy a light bulb with a life as full as yours?

With the right light, you can evoke a different mood for every room—from a bright and sparkling kitchen to a warm and cozy den. Choosing the right light bulb won’t just add to the ambiance, it’ll also make an impact in your monthly electric bill. In fact, LED light bulbs use a fraction of the energy used to power incandescent light bulbs, and can last up to 22 years.

While October 2014 research shows that LEDs are commonly known for their use in holiday lights, they’re also great when applied in other areas of indoor/outdoor residential lighting.  Ranging from cool to warm to multicolored, LED lighting can enrich your home environment year-round. In fact, 93% of people who’ve made the switch to LEDs love what they see—and how much they’re saving.

To help discover which LED bulbs are best for your home, try hovering over each room in the infographic that can be found here.

For more information on the benefits of LED light bulbs and why they make a great alternative to government phased out incandescent light bulbs, check out these related links:

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 1 October 2014 KRC Research Omnibus Survey, commissioned by OSRAM SYLVANIA – The most commonly associated LED use is holiday lighting (51%)

 2 October 2014 KRC Research Omnibus Survey, commissioned by OSRAM SYLVANIA – Americans who use LED light bulbs in their home report the highest level of satisfaction with the total amount of time the bulb will last (93%)​