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OSRAM SYLVANIA Showcases Industry Leading Light Management System at Greenbuild 2012
ENCELIUM™ Energy Management System Can Reduce Energy Costs from Lighting Up to 75 Percent

San Francisco, CA and Danvers, Mass. (Nov. 14, 2012) – Committed to the advancement of sustainable lighting systems, North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA  is showcasing the industry leading ENCELIUM advanced lighting controls and energy management system at Booth #2009S at this year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. 

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, about two-thirds of a building’s energy use is electricity, and lighting accounts for over one-third of that electricity consumption. Therefore, lighting affords the greatest opportunity for building managements to save energy and money in regards to their electricity usage. Within LEED®, lighting can help achieve up to 19 of the 100 base points available. Because energy efficiency is a focus of each rating system, improving the efficiency of a building’s lighting system can significantly reduce operating costs, as well as achieve LEED points. For example, improving the lighting efficiency within a building of 100,000 square feet by 30 percent could mean 6 to 8 points just for reduced energy usage alone.

With the ENCELIUM GreenBus II communication network and ENCELIUM Polaris 3D software, the ENCELIUM Energy Management System (EMS) offers unprecedented flexibility and control of a building’s lighting usage. Facility owners and managers now have the ability to incorporate lighting as a component of a portfolio-wide energy management program. The use of control software allows the ENCELIUM EMS to respond quickly to ever-changing building characteristics and requirements. Benefits include improved occupant comfort, workplace ergonomics and productivity; complying with building codes and energy efficiency requirements; and promoting a building’s “green” image and LEED certification efforts by reducing lighting energy consumption up to 50 to 75 percent.

GreenBus II is a two-wire communication platform for supplying data and power to the ENCELIUM EMS from OSRAM. The new communication network integrates lighting control and energy management into one programmable architecture. The network can integrate with both DALI and analog 0-10V dimming lighting systems and is BACnet® compatible for easy integration with existing building automation systems that manage the operation of systems such as HVAC, fire and security.

Where DALI ballasts are preferred, the system utilizes an ENCELIUM DALI Bridge as a gateway between the ENCELIUM GreenBus II field bus and the DALI ballasts.  The DALI Bridge also allows for the mixing of Class 1 and Class 2 wiring within the same lighting system. Where analog ballasts are preferred, the system utilizes a Luminaire Control Module (LCM) which provide for addressable control (dimming or switching) of each device. The LCM is also able to control LED fixtures and dim 0-10V LED drivers.

The system also utilizes a Sensor Interface Module (SIM) to integrate standard occupancy and photo sensors into the ENCELIUM GreenBus II communication network.  Each SIM is automatically addressed when it is connected to an ENCELIUM Energy Control Unit (ECU) and adjusts itself to the type of sensor to which it is wired, establishing two-way communication between the ECU and itself.

ENCELIUM Polaris 3D™
Polaris 3D is the next generation of lighting control software for the ENCELIUM Energy Management System. Eliminating the need for software installation, this industry first provides users access to the control system via a simple web-based application that provides 360°, three-dimensional navigation in a multi-floor view of a facility’s lighting energy use. This results in increased security, faster set-up and start times, and easier integration with other web-based building control systems.

Polaris 3D provides users with a unique color gradient representation of lighting system data, such as lighting status (on/off), power density or energy consumption, light levels; occupancy status; load shedding status; and comparative energy trends. The central software enables facility managers to group floors, rooms or even desks into zones and control them as a unit. Users can instantly rearrange lighting layouts by moving a zone from one area to the other with just a click of their mouse. Polaris 3D also provides the ability to change light levels anywhere in a complex, modify default levels and set lighting time schedules.  To see a video on the ENCELIUM Polaris 3D software click here.

At a personal, corporate or national level, lighting plays an important role in any sustainability strategy. Whether interested in lowering energy consumption, avoiding unnecessary maintenance, identifying options for lamp and ballast recycling, or finding products with fewer hazardous materials, OSRAM SYLVANIA can help. OSRAM SYLVANIA offers additional materials and resources at

For more information about OSRAM SYLVANIA, the ENCELIUM Energy Management System and other sustainable lighting solutions from OSRAM SYLVANIA, please go to or visit booth #2009S at Greenbuild International Conference and Expo  2012, November 14-16, 2012 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. 


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