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Newly Launched SYLVANIA SILVERSTAR® ZXE Product Line Explodes onto the Scene
Strong Sales and Positive Customer Feedback Drive Demand for New Part Numbers


AAPEX, Las Vegas, Nov. 1, 2011 – SilverStar® zXe headlights – the latest addition to SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting’s High Performance Series headlight line – are taking the industry by storm.

Due to early sales success and tremendous customer feedback, the SYLVANIA team is announcing that they are almost doubling the product line to include five new part numbers that will result in 93 percent market coverage.

The SilverStar® zXe headlights feature a unique blend of Xenon and Halogen gases that enables SYLVANIA retail partners to offer a product that competes with the higher-priced, similarly performing HID drop-in kits.

“We’ve achieved a very desirable sharp and white light output – which, according to independent research, is perceived to be up to 50 percent more effective than comparable standard halogen bulbs – while enhancing style and performance,” said Joe Verbanic, Marketing Manager for SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting. “Plus, with this halogen light source, there are absolutely no mechanical, electrical or beam pattern concerns or complications, which are issues that many enthusiasts deal with when using HID drop-in kits.”

Currently, the line features seven part numbers – 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9003 (also meets H4), H7 and H11. Five more part numbers are debuting at AAPEX and will hit store shelves in the spring of 2012 – H1, H3, H13, 9005XS and 9006XS.

SYVANIA Automotive estimates that nearly 20 percent of the market has interest in a bulb like SilverStar zXe – mostly due to the product’s quality, performance and style attributes, as well as its street legal status.

The secret to the bulb’s ultra-white light output is in the product’s chemical makeup. The exterior features a cobalt blue tint and mirrored tip. The blue hue is a result of a nanotechnology infused coating, which enables a state-of-the-art application allowing for a greater transmission of light output. The mirrored tip – comprised of precious metals – was designed to add to the overall appearance of the bulb when it’s unlit as it complements the jewel-like appearance of the headlight assembly.

Inside, the proprietary blend of Xenon and Halogen gases fuel the bulb, producing the desired transmission of light that competes with that of HID. This blend – in combination with the nanotechnology coating – enabled SYLVANIA to create the whitest possible light in the SilverStar® High Performance Series of headlight products.

Priced at $59.99 a set, they’re far less expensive than their HID counterparts. Buyers can also take solace in their conforming specs, as SilverStar® zXe headlights are 100 percent street legal by federal regulations in terms of lumens and wattage levels.

For more information on the SilverStar zXe headlights from SYLVANIA, customers and consumers can visit or visit to view a video that shows how the product performs compared to standard halogen products.




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