Air Heaters

Infrared Lamps

The HALOTHERM lamps provide a powerful short-wave halogen IR heat lamp (IR-A) with deep-acting heat for fast and efficient results. They consist of a tungsten heating coil and a quartz tube. The filling contains halogen additives in order to avoid blackening of the lamps and to ensure a longer lamp life. Most of these lamps have a maximum radiation at a wavelength of about 1100nm. Quartz glass is highly transparent to infrared radiation up to a wavelength of 4000nm, which ensures that the heat radiation is emitted with minimum loss.

Features and Benefits
  • HALOTHERM provides instant full output

  • Space-saving for OEM tight tolerance equipment

  • Easy installation in minutes

  • Maintenance-friendly installation

  • Impressive reliability

  • Optimum adjustment and controllability

  • High operating safety

  • Lamps with reflector coating for directional heat

  • Optional anti-glare coating

  • Paint Drying

  • Paper and Printing Industry

  • Processing of Plastics

  • Restaurants

Paper and Printing Industry 


Processing of Plastics


Infrared Light for Heating Food​