Process Heaters for Air and Gases 
Process Heaters for
Air and Gases

SYLVANIA Heaters are now branded OSRAM Heaters. Same high quality products and service.

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Inline Duct Heaters

OSRAM Inline Duct Heaters provide ultra-compact, fast response heating for a multitude of industrial and research applications where gas pressure is ≤ 10 PSI. OSRAM's proprietary Serpentine heating elements deliver the industry's highest watt density ensuring a compact installation, low weight, and fast ramp and response time. Factory preassembled with flanged connections and a round, heavy duty duct housing assures a quick, uncomplicated installation. A complete OSRAM system includes a power supply control panel assuring safe, reliable operations.  


Typical Applications:

  • Condensation prevention

  • Curing

  • Furnaces

  • Industrial drying

  • Preheating

  • Testing and research


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Process air temperatures up to 1300°F

  • Inlet temperatures up to 1200°F

  • Pressures up to 10 PSI

  • Low pressure drop, typically < 10" w.c.

  • Controllable to +/- 2F

  • Standard model range 15kW to 1MW

  • Open electric element allows rapid ramps and response time to change

  • Safe, high watt density, compact design requires minimal space for installation and ease of mobility if needed

  • Gas tight electrical feedthroughs

  • Heavy gauge wire heating elements ensure long performance life

  • Two (2) type K thermocouples

  • Voltage options in painted carbon steel and stainless steet

  • Systems supplied with power supply control panels


Application Notes:

  1. OSRAM heaters are suitable for air and inert gasses ONLY.

  2. Uncontrolled Document. Use data for planning purposed ONLY. Subject to change without notice. Do NOT use for constuction.

  3. Maximum pressure 10 PSI. Max outlet temp is 1250°F.

  4. Contact OSRAM or an authorized distributor for confirmation on all performance, dimensional aspects and pricing.