Process Heaters for Air and Gases 
Process Heaters for
Air and Gases

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Selecting an Air Heater


The energy (kW) requirement is calculated from the following formula:


KW = SCFM x (Texit – Tinlet)


SCFM = Air flow in Standard* Cubic Feet per Minute
Tinlet = Inlet Air Temperature (°F) (typically 70°F)
Texit = Desired Exit Air Temperature (°F)
Example: Heating 10 SCFM from ambient temperature (70°F) to 800°F:
KW = 10 SCFM x (800°F – 70°F) = 2.9 kW


Conversion Formulas:

(Liters per Minute)/28.3 = Cubic Feet per Minute
°C = 5/9 (°F – 32)
°F = 9/5 (°C + 32)