Process Heaters for Air and Gases 
Process Heaters for
Air and Gases

SYLVANIA Heaters are now branded OSRAM Heaters. Same high quality products and service.

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Performance and Innovation

Did you know that we invented the Serpentine Heater Coil, which increases the efficiency of heat transfer from the coil to the air. As compared to helically wound coils, this allows the element to operate at lower temperature for the same output air temperature. This extends the heater element life. What is more, our patent pending heater and control technology delivers even longer operating life along with superior reliability.

Additionally, the heating coils in all of our heaters are supported on a ceramic rod. As compared to unsupported coils, this minimizes the possibility of coil distortion and sagging, which may result in heater failure. This is particularly important in applications where the heater is indexed from position to position in use or when the heater is mounted vertically.

Along with temperatures controllable to +/- 1o F at up to 1600o F (871o C) our heaters also provide rapid heat-up and cool-down as well as the broadest pressure operating range in the industry.