LED Load Equalizer

When upgrading traditional mini bulbs to LED, certain applications may require a Load Equalizer in order to prevent bulb outage warnings. This is due to the fact that LEDs consume a fraction of the power of the traditional bulb they replace. Some car circuits use bulb power draw as a way of detecting a properly functioning bulb. On these circuits, the car may erroneously “think” that the LED bulb is burnt out because it draws so much less power. This can result in a fast blinking condition or an error message on the dashboard.

SYLVANIA Load Equalizers are an easy and effective solution to these problems.


Installation Instructions: 

SYLVANIA LED Load Equalizer - English, Spanish & French

Features and Benefits:

  • Corrects hyper flashing and bulb-out warnings caused by LED replacement systems

  • Higher cooling capacity lowers surface temperature compared to others on the market

  • For use with most vehicles

  • Aluminum heat sink

  • Easy to mount. Simply attach the SYLVANIA Load Equalizer to a flat metal surface for proper heat transfer and attach the load equalizer wires to the socket wires using the clips provided.

  • Works by increasing the electrical load of the LED bulb and thus bypassing the outage detection system.