ZEVO® FOG DRL Assembly

Light is Evolution
Amazing LED technology in a combination Fog DRL application

You need your automotive lighitng to do more than illuminate the way from A to B: It needs to make your car stand out from dusk till dawn - and beyond. No matter whether the spotlight is on safety or style, SYLVANIA ZEVO® Fog Daytime Running Light solutions gurantee brilliant performance. 

Cut through the fog.

With its unique "C" shaped LED lightguide DRL and high performance OEM grade LED fog lights, the SYLVANIA ZEVO® Fog DRL provides unmatched performance. This cutting edge technology, with multiple modes and smart controls, transforms your vehicle with style.

With a color temperature of 6000K and automatic operation mode for day and night driving, the SYLVANIA ZEVO® Fog DRL ushers your vehicle into the next century of innovative lighting solutions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic operation through smart control box
  • 6000K color temperature
  • Street legal in both modes (when installed as directed)
  • IP 67 certified for intense water protection
  • DRL+Fog light, two applications in one product
  • Lightguide technology for styling design (DRL mode)
  • Wider beam angle for better visual field in adverse weather
  • OEM LEDs and housing
  • Powered by OSRAM automotive LEDs
  • Gravel impact resistant lens polycarbonate lens
  • High quality aluminium housing for better thermal dissipation
  • Start/stop & Hybrid Compatibility
  • Most universal fog lamp without vehicle modification
  • Energy efficient - Up to 65% energy saving than orginal fog lamp
  • No maintenance
  • Compatible with newer cars equipped with hybrid or start/stop technology

ZEVO® Fog Daytime Running Light Image Gallery: