ZEVO® Pulse

LED color changing products breathe new life into headlights

Customize your vehicle’s look with the ZEVO® PULSE, a universal LED product designed to add color to your headlights. Simple to install and run, ZEVO® Pulse is a small disk with a chrome finish that connects directly to any 12V source and blends in with your headlight assembly making it barely visible. Using Bluetooth® technology, once paired the free SYLVANIA ZEVO® app allows you to control color, mode and multiple compatible products with one device.


Installation Information:

ZEVO Pulse Installation Instructions - EnglishZEVO Pulse Installation Instructions - FrenchZEVO Pulse Installation Instructions - Spanish

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to install. LEDs mount to outer headlamp surface by using self-adhesive. Wires can be run under the headlamp into the motor compartment. Control module can be screwed or tie wrapped anywhere in the motor compartment.

  • Shines color back onto the reflector of your headlight without changing the color of the beam

  • Connects directly to the battery or 12V source, no switch required

  • FREE SYLVANIA ZEVO® App controls color mode and multiple products

  • Designed for exterior use, but be creative

  • Removable without damaging the headlight

  • Dimmable

  • Bluetooth® enabled

  • Pulses to the beat of your music

  • Tons of colors

  • Universal for use on any vehicle

  • High lumen ouput

ZEVO Pulse Image Gallery (click images to view larger):

​iPhone with

ZEVO Pulse
Headlight - Blue​

ZEVO Pulse
Headlight - Green​

ZEVO Pulse
Headlight - Red​

ZEVO Pulse
on Assembly

ZEVO Pulse WRX - Purple Headlight​

ZEVO Pulse

ZEVO Pulse
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