The Light Shift™ - Stories from the Driver's Seat

This video series celebrates members of our community who choose to work or play while the rest of America sleeps. SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting knows people with different professions and hobbies share the road every night, expecting to arrive safely at their destination. We want to give you an inside look at how automotive lighting has impacted them through their experiences, including their nightly commute, and the drive to keep our world moving forward. Welcome to "The Light Shift."

​Episode 4 of the series features Laura Watilo Blake, photojournalist, world traveler and writer for Far Flung Travels. As an adventurer at heart, Laura’s always on the move, looking to capture the next picture perfect moment to fuel her passion. Watch Laura’s story to hear about her career and how automotive lighting helps her stay safe on the road as she travels to and from some of the most unique destinations. Then, be sure to watch the other videos in the playlist to see more inspiring stories from Light Shift heroes.

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