​Carlos Parisi
Advertising Professional and Farmer's Market/Food Entrepreneur

As an individual with two jobs, one of which is a full-time career and one as the co-founder of a food start-up, I am tasked with balancing many priorities and keeping everything in line, which means I often work late into the night and start my day before dawn.

A typical week for me involves working at the office during the day and making Aunt Nee’s tortilla chip and salsa mix deliveries to stores and restaurants in the Metro Detroit area at night. Some days I also have to spend time in the kitchen making and packaging our products, and testing new recipes for pop-up dinners we occasionally host.  Most Saturdays, I get up at dawn to be set-up at Detroit’s Eastern Market by 6 a.m.

Whether it’s making the deliveries, commuting to and from work or selling at the Market, I seem to always be in my car. It has become my second office – one with an engine and headlights, which are very important since a majority of my travel is in dark alleys behind businesses, on the highway or in areas where parking is not well lit. I constantly have to be cautious of my surroundings and other drivers.  Having good, clear headlights makes this possible.

Strong headlights can even be helpful in maintaining and gaining business because you never know what the weather will bring. I can’t be late for deliveries and appointments and sometimes I get a last minute call that someone needs to restock. My vehicle needs to be equipped for me to use day and night.

Although working at night can have many distractions, I enjoy that it’s much quieter and allows me to get my work done at my own pace. After all, when you love what you do, you don’t really care how long it takes you to get it done.