Harry Steele
Whitewater Kayaking Enthisiast

Like most children I got involved with sports; football, track and basketball. In addition, I started whitewater canoeing at age 12, followed by guiding raft trips in college and progressed to kayaking from there.

I am part of a network of nearly 30 paddlers across five states. Someone is always paddling the same river at the same time. Whether it’s a weekly workout on a local stream or larger trip twice a month, there are generally four to six of us along for the ride. 

My favorite part about kayaking is I get the opportunity to see gorges, rivers and scenery that someone can’t see from any other perspective. Often there are no roads, no bike paths and no hiking trails. Actually, some of the territory is only viewable by kayak. And it’s the whitewater aspect of kayaking that limits those who get to see the beautiful terrain.

When I’m on the water, I’m focused on what the group and I are doing at that very moment. But once we finish, I have to turn my focus to the road ahead to get us home safely – and I do so by upgrading my headlights.

We’re frequently driving during dawn and dusk getting to and from the river. Lighting plays an important role as I’m traveling in the backwoods on strange roads or in bad weather. It makes all the difference in safety for me and the friends I travel with.

After I upgraded to SYLVANIA SilverStar® headlight bulbs, the major difference I noticed was the extra visible distance. I could see more clearly and farther in front of the vehicle, giving me more reaction time. I typically have three to five boats on top of the vehicle with gear and kayakers inside, so any driving advantage I have lends for a safer trip when traveling at night.