Joe Silva
Army Veteran and Wildlife Enthusiast

With all of the time I’ve spent on the road throughout my life, I feel like I am a professional driver. That’s because driving became a major component of many of my jobs after retiring as an army sergeant.

From driving a box truck around Seattle, to repairing and maintaining X-ray machines for hospitals and veterinarian offices, to selling printing equipment in Alaska, I was always on the road. In fact, driving was so vital to my jobs that I piled nearly half a million miles on my vehicle just driving around Alaska. Most of my driving and traveling happened at night. I remember many instances where I would get called to the hospital in the middle of the night to repair an X-ray machine. In a situation like that, it was crucial I arrived quickly and safely to my location to ensure patients received the prompt attention they needed.

After becoming disabled, I decreased my work load and moved my home to rural Montana, where I now commute 50 miles to the closest major town. We have an abundance of wildlife, which makes visibility at night even more important. Being able to see further down the road while driving at night is the main difference I’ve noticed after upgrading my headlights.

A few years back I was driving down a winding, dark road hauling a trailer when a moose ran in front of me. It was one of the most dangerous experiences I’ve ever had and I believe my upgraded SYLVANIA headlights helped me avoid it and may have even saved my life. Who knows what would’ve happened had I not had the visibility those lights afforded me.

My favorite part of driving “The Light Shift” is the quietness. If you’re used to driving at night, you know how peaceful and serene it can often be. There’s not a lot of traffic and, in some areas of the world, you get to witness wildlife, which I find really enjoyable – just as long as it’s from a distance.

Even though I’m not required to drive in the dark for work anymore, I still arrange most of my travels to be at night because I prefer driving then over any time of day.