​Jonathan Dock
IT Consultant and Devoted Camper

​As an IT consultant, my “official work day” is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. four days a week. However, I work at different job locations each day which results in additional hours on the road. These commutes are often driven in the dark on busy roadways because I live in the suburbs of Denver and often have to drive into the city or to another metro area to get to each day’s job site.

During the week I drive an older commuter car equipped with headlights that aren’t very bright – which can make nighttime driving even more difficult than it already is. However, once the weekend arrives, I’m ready to trade in my normal work regime and car for a weekend of camping in the mountains with my truck, which has been upgraded with SYLVANIA SilverStar® bulbs. What a difference in visibility having better lighting makes, especially as I drive down desolate roads with lots of wildlife nearby.

Though I attempt to experience new places when choosing my campsite destination, one thing remains the same – I eagerly seek out four-wheel drive trails. While I typically avoid treacherous trails after dark for safety reasons, the headlights on my truck come in handy when I’m trying to keep my campsite lit up or when I need a spotlight. Having upgraded headlights on my truck is really important to me – they’re whiter and brighter so I can see further down the road. It makes driving much safer since I can see more clearly on and off the road. I think it’s time for me to upgrade the headlights on that old commuter car too!