Meghan Finley
Legal Collector and College Basketball Fanatic

Whether it’s getting up in the middle of the night for work, or hitting the road any time of day and night to follow my favorite college basketball team, I seem to always be driving The Light Shift.

As a legal collector, there isn’t a typical work week for me. Monday I could be in court, Tuesday in the field, and Wednesday back in the office trying to track down items or people. The only consistencies I do have at work are 10-hour days, Monday through Thursday; although it seems longer with a two hour commute each way.

I actually enjoy my longer work days because the first and last few hours are pretty quiet around the office. However, it comes with extra responsibility since I have to focus more on the roads because fog and animals are common on my dawn to dusk travels.  

I use my personal car to commute to work and I have a work vehicle while on the job. Driving multiple cars, I have noticed major headlight differences. Properly working headlights and fog lights make a big difference as I can now see ahead of me much better and no longer have to guess about the road ahead of me. Since some of my commute is very foggy, my fog lights ensure my safety. I purchased my car new and since then have switched to SYLVANIA headlights based on a recommendation. I never thought new headlights could make such a night and day difference.

I also rack up hundreds of miles in the months leading up to March Madness traveling to as many University of Gonzaga Bulldog games as I can to watch them on their hopeful run in the NCAA tournament. I’ve traveled as far as Portland, Oregon to see the Bulldogs play in the 2009 NCAA tournament and regularly enjoy going to the Battle in Seattle. I’m glad I have lights that I can depend on to get me everywhere I need to go safely.